It’s My Simple Story

It's My Simple StoryA traveling trip that leaves an impression, a journey that does not put forward a beautiful place. Traveling that prioritizes togetherness in time, togetherness is rare due to limited time. Traveling at the beginning of the month in 2016.

I enjoy it even though I've been to the same place often. A simple place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Because one of the great things for a college kid is to enjoy the best time to refresh the eye. Allah also says in the Qur'an, that the marvel admired and guarded His creation is a thing that is recommended. Spoken in Suroh Ali Imron:

QS: Ali Imran | Paragraph: 191

(That is) those who remember Allah standing or sitting or in the ideals lying down and they are thinking about the creation of heaven and earth (saying): "Our Lord, then keep us from the torment of hell.

The day was January 3, 2016, I was together with the reinforcement of a tourist expansion, still in the same city, the exploration of the beloved city, Tulungagung.

The trip began with a motor vehicle, a journey of about 20km 24km was ready to wait for us to conquer. The six of us left home no later than 9am on Sunday. The sun also supports the expansion of the tour that we will do this full day. Not spurring speed that exceeds our ability, because it can reduce the level of enjoyment that we will get during this trip.

The mountains must have land in the form of large, broad, elongated, and high mounds. Mountains are formed by the shifting motion of the earth's crust. This earth-shifting movement is the power that comes from within the earth.

A common feature of the mountains is that it usually has a height of about 700 meters or more above sea level. Yaaaap, this time our expansion is the area of ??Wilis Mountains, precisely in the Village Geger Sendang District and of course Tulungagung District.

Many of the benefits of the existence of these mountains, among others, as a place of forest growth that became a protection area for flora and fauna so as not to extinct. As a means of recreation where the mountains are often used as a resting place, camping, and other natural attractions. As a means of developing business in the field of agricultural industries such as flowers and vegetables. Tuh kaaaan many benefits.

The first location expansion we visited was pine forest, on the border of Desa Nglurup and Desa Geger. Located on the left side of the road if we are from the direction of Nglurup Village, located on the bank of a river that has large stones. The water, beeeeeee, crystal clear, even usually used to cleanse yourself alias bath.

Highly recommended for those who want to hunting photos or prewedd photos. This pine garden belongs to the Perhutani Office of Tulungagung Regency, a kind of protected forest. No loh levy here, no ticket anyway, luggage please be kept alone, hehehe.These two photos represent our sixth photo during expansion in the first location. About 35 documentation we get, hehe, maklumlah woman high level kenarsisannya ..

The sun was getting higher, we were immediately continue the journey to the next location, the flower garden of Geger Village. The flowers developed here are dominated by Chrysanthemum flowers. The harvest season ranges from October to November, so as we expand into the Flower Garden site, the existing bungalows are reduced from no longer in the harvest season.

Enough dong these two photos to represent our expansion of the Flower Garden in this Village Geger. Here there is no levy, but the motorcycle ticket is there, about Rp 2.000 just enough. If you want this chrysanthemum bloom sweet in your house, you can have it by buying perikatnya about Rp 15.000. The content of the bond depends on the size of the tree and the number of flowers that will bloom.

After the second tourism expansion, we continue the third tourism expansion, namely Culinary Tour Kampung Bunga and Lake Aqua. Kampung Bunga is of course different from the previous flower garden, because almost every house in this area, has a field that contains a variety of flowers and fruits typical of the mountains. About 15 minutes from the second location if we take it on a motorcycle. Here is still free guys retribusinya, but for our parking enough ngeluarin money Rp 2000 for the motor and Rp 5000 for the car.

Well this is the end of my journey with my girl friend from the Small Town on the south coast, Tulungagung. Interested to Tulungagung, silahkaan ..

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