It’s The Importance of Parents’ Role in Gadget Usage For Kids

It's The Importance of Parents' Role in Gadget Usage For KidsCurrently technology has grown rapidly. One very popular technology is the gadget. With the gadget can help all human affairs. Gadgets are no longer found in adults only, but also used by children. Here, of course, the role of parents is needed to be wise in providing these communication tools.

If used wisely then the gadget will be useful as a learning media for children. If its use is not controlled then the influence of gadgets will be very dangerous for child growth. Here are the positive and negative impacts.

Positive impact

1. Add knowledge

Children using technologically advanced gadgets will get information about schoolwork easily and quickly. For example when someone wants to know an information then he will browse the internet anywhere and anytime. So thus from the internet in the gadget we can add knowledge.

2. Expand friendships and make communication easier

With the gadgets it can expand the friendship network because it can be easily and quickly joined to social media. So that facilitate our communication with friends.

Negative impact

1. Causes addiction

When children are cool to play gadgets they usually forget to eat so that the intake of nutrients to support its growth and disrupted. Addictive gadgets will also have an impact on the child's personality so he will tend to be closed and not sociolized.

2. Sleep disturbanceAt night, parents should not give their child a gadget. Children will be more cool to play games so that their sleep time will be disturbed. Here the role of parents is needed to control the use of their child's gadgets.

3. Influence of impressions

Sometimes parents do not realize that their child is opening an online site that shows impressions that their child should not see.

To prevent gadget negative dampat on child growth. Parents should give time limits on children in using gadgets, so do not become dependent.

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