It’s The Reason Why You Do not Throw Trash Smudely

It's The Reason Why You Do not Throw Trash SmudelyYou must often see dong in the streets there are often words "Prohibited Trash Waste"?
Surely even though there is such writing you will still like to throw garbage carelessly right? No hypocrite sure I used to likes to throw garbage carelessly, now start now apply yuk to baseball waste litter again.

Many things to consider if you still throw garbage carelessly, both for yourself, others and our beloved earth, so here's the reason you do not throw garbage carelessly.

1. Flood

Already not alien dong same word "Flood", and it is not foreign also do not waste garbage cause flooding arbitrarily? Actually littering is not the only cause of flooding, another cause of flooding is, the constriction of land for plants, because the less land for plants, the less water absorption, but back again guys by not littering will help to reduce the risk of flooding, so yuk dispose of waste in the place that has been provided.

2. Health

Unsolicited garbage disposal is a suitable place for some germs and bacteria and appeals to animals such as flies and mosquitoes that can infect diseases, many illnesses are caused by unhealthy environments due to inappropriate garbage disposal, dispose of garbage in its place for our health is together 🙂

3. Environmental pollution

Ranging from air pollution and water contamination, the disposal of garbage can inadvertently create an unpleasant environment for the community, unpleasant odors and bad scenery because of scattered waste everywhere can have a negative impact on living things, to deal with the waste problem needs to be done discipline starting from within oneself, family and society. The need for mutual cooperation in each community.

4. The Old Age Road Sweeper

Who the hell can see like this? No problem with his work, but sad do not you see old people nyapuin garbage in the street? Maybe some of the rubbish you've thrown away is the one they cleaned.

Many of the old road sweepers, who have to clean the streets full of garbage, now to reduce their burden is it good we dispose of waste in place? So if we can not help them in terms of material, we can also help not to throw garbage carelessly :)5. Global Warming

Global Warming is a process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, the sea, and the earth's land, one of the causes of global warming is plastic waste that we unknowingly consume daily as we shop.

Now that you have to know, the plastic that began to be used about 50 years ago, has now become an integral item in human life. Well then, in addition to dispose of waste in place reduce the use of plastic disposable one disposable, we can siasati by using totte bag that can be used many times without having to leave the garbage 🙂

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