It’s What’s Happened And Why It Shows on All Existing Tvs

It's What's Happened And Why It Shows on All Existing TvsIs this what the heck? And why is he always present every TV in our house all this time? Introduce, it is a stardard test / test card with a type of color bar and is the one that helps our own television and TV channels to keep displaying the right colors and brightness so far.

But how is the story behind the colored strip that often appears when the channel stops operating it? Here's an explanation of one of the most common test card images displayed on every television in our home.

What is the Image Test Card, Why Often Appears on TV

SMPTE Color Bars

At midnight, when a television channel stops on the air, they will feature a series of colored strips accompanied by long, loud monotone sounds. The strip and sound are known as Society Motion Picture and Television Engineerss Engineering Guideline EG 1-1990. Its function is to calibrate the monitor and the television.

All colors are presented by the color bar is not arranged with origin. The yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, and blue colors in the center of your screen are arranged from the brightest to the most dim. The arrangement is used to determine the exact white levels of your monitor. As for the series of colors below, there are colors blue, black, magenta, and so on that are used to determine the color balance.


Well here's a test card that is not less often we meet on television. Yes the image is a test card image called PM5544 and is often used for TV with video format PAL or Phase Alternate Line. If SMPTE Color Bars was originally devoted to NTSC video formats typically destined for North America (later used for PAL as well), the PM5544 is devoted to PAL television for Europe and Asia.

Finally, we know the aoa is a test card image that often appears on all TVs. The question has been answered and now some people can sleep quietly. Haaaah …

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