Iwan Fals Story that Participates in Preserving Nature at Lawu Mountain

Iwan Fals Story

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Liputan6.com, Jakarta Singer Iwan Fals shows his concern for the preservation of the forest area of ??Mount Lawu after the fire accident several weeks ago. Iwan Fals planted trees together with volunteers and residents in the mountain area located on the border of Central Java and East Java.

Inevitably the presence of Iwan Fals became the center of attention of the volunteers and local residents. In the action of planting trees for the greening of Mount Lawu area after the fire, Iwan Fals get a chance to plant liwung tree. He was immediately ready to take a hoe to plant trees of this rare species. After that, the singer dismantled the song immediately watered with water.

Iwan Fals also claim to be proud of the invitation to follow the greening activities of Mount Lawu by planting trees. "I am very happy in the middle of this holy circle, Hopefully the planting of trees together this Mount Lawu area can be back to normal," he explained in the slopes of Mount Lawu, Cemoro Kandang, Friday (27/11/2015).

Furthermore, Iwan Fals said that plant conservation in Gunung Lawu area is not only the responsibility of Anak Gunung Lawu (AGL) and local people, but all the people outside of Lawu Mountain area. The public must also be involved to participate in conserving the forest.

"All people must help to preserve the area of ??Mount Lawu.Is philosophical philosophy that tiji tibeh (dead one to die all) to participate in preserving the plant on the mountain," he said.

Even on the occasion, he also told me that whenever a concert in an area always doing planting activities for reforestation. "I am a person who can not live without nature, for that moment, whenever the concert where I always do tree planting activities," he said.

Meanwhile, Regent Karanganyar, Juliatmono said as many as 300 endemic rare plants, including liwung, klotrok and others have been prepared. The tree species is a rare endemic characteristic of Mount Lawu. "We want to preserve the rare plants that are rare in Mount Lawu," he explained.

After the planting procession is complete, then Iwan Fals and entourage immediately leave the area Cemoro Kandang to return to the capital of Karanganyar District. (Reza Kuncoro / Des)

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