Jakarta bombed but America knows first! It’s Conspiracy Or What

Jakarta bombed but America knows first! It's Conspiracy Or WhatWhen Jakarta and Indonesia were in panic with the ongoing bombing terror in the Sarinah area, there were many issues and allegations about who the perpetrator, who the mastermind was, and what the motive was behind him. But amid all the crowds, E-mail from the American Embassy for Americans in Indonesia to be the subject of conversation.

Conspiracy tuh! America already know first!

And still many other rumors are scattered. Hmmm .. are you one of those who believe that this must be wrong America and various other conspiracy theories? Let's unload together!

The US Embassy has sent warnings of a bomb in the Jakarta area. Waaah Kok they can know, huh? Maybe some of them are psychic?

When the people of Indonesia are busy gathering together in prayer for the safety of the victims of bombing incident in Sarinah yesterday, there is news mentioning that the American embassy already know first about the bomb. Imagine, on e-mail, written sent at 6:51 pm while the bombing occurred at around 10:00. How come? Does the American embassy have a psychic division, huh?

Not long after the bomb occurred, the issue continued to blow hard. The faster the E-mail is displayed complete with the sender's name

E-mails containing calls for Americans to avoid Sarinah Plaza and the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel are widespread in social media. No doubt so many are guessing that sebanarnya America is the mastermind of this bomb! Definitely America!

But shortly after the booming letter, the American Embassy issued its clarification

The embassy of the United States issued a clarification related to the circular. The embassy said it was not true if the warning was sent before the bombing. The warning is sent via email, from an emergency response network using Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 7 time stamp. So if in Indonesia it is around 11:44.

In addition, the US Indication has known the bomb plan can also be rejected from Tenses e-mail

For those of you who have learned English in terms of grammar, you must know. In the e-mail, written Preliminary reporsts indicate an explosion and gunfire has occured in the general vicinity and situations continues to unfold.If examined in terms of tenses, has occured it is included in the Present perfect tense whose function is to reveal an activity or situation that has started in the past and has been completed at a certain point in time in the past or still continues until now.

Well, right ~~

In addition, Menkopolhukan also asserted that the issue is also not true

Pak Luhut Pandjaitan also gave a clarification about the issue. According to him, the issue that states that America already know it is not true alias hoax. He said that no other country has known about the bomb incident before the incident.

Well, still believe this conspiracy theory?

Do not always get carried by the information that the truth has not been proven. There is a lot of confusing information that has the potential to plunge national unity. So do not immediately believe in the information, yes. Let's first check the truth of the information before we believe and we spread.

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