Jakarta Login Top 10 Most Popular Cities Instagram Version Year 2017

Jakarta Login TopKOMPAS.com The majority of social media users Instagram not separated from geotagging when uploading photos. No wonder, Instagram can track the city and the country with the most geotag.

This year, New York in the United States became the number one most popular city in Instagram. Unexpectedly, Jakarta is also included in the 10 most popular cities.

Reported from Travel and Leisure, the following list.

1. New York, USA

As one of the most amazing tourist cities in the world, it is not surprising that the Big Apple became quite popular on Instagram.

2. Moscow, Russia

In addition to a row of beautiful buildings, apparently Moscow is also famous as a creative city.

3. London, England

The city of London is a combined city of rich history and modern life.

4. Sao Paolo, Brazil

Visual art in the streets make Sao Paolo a popular tourist. Includes Beco do Batman and famous Batman Alley.5. Paris, France

In addition to the Eiffel Tower, Paris also has an instagramable Musee du Louvre.

6. Los Angeles, California

In addition to the iconic Hollywood board, Los Angeles international airport became the most popular place of Instagram version.

7. St. Petersburg, Russia

Summer Palace, St. Isaac Cathedral, and the Fortress of Peter and Paul are the most popular places in St. Petersburg. Petersburg

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta became the world's most popular version of Instagram in Instagram Stories feature.

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Topkapi Palace is the ideal place to take pictures because of its very beautiful architecture.

10. Barcelona, ??SpainBeach, the famous work of Salvador Gaudi to the festivals of the festival make the city of Barcelona is often geotagged on Instagram.


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