Jakarta Threatened Climate Change

Jakarta Threatened Climate ChangeJakarta – Jakarta is again under siege of floods. Water overflows indiscriminately. Merdeka Palace area is flooded up to 0.5 meters and also disabling the activities of Jakarta residents. No half-hearted, in a day of arousal estimated at Rp 1 trillion.

February 9, the precipitation of the capital reached 366 millimeters, meaning that 366 liters of water flushed every 1 square meter of Jakarta land. The high intensity of rain becomes a marker of the real threat of climate change. Such as the entry of the cold air from the mainland of Siberia, Russia is accused of triggering heavy rain in the Jakarta area.

In 2013 the flood also inundated a number of protocol roads to the capital of Merdeka Palace. The pumps provided were not able to keep up with the high water level causing some levees to collapse. Like the western flood canal embankment (KBT) in the Latuharhari area, Central Jakarta collapsed to soak the Hotel Indonesia and the basement of Plaza UOB.

Losses due to the flood at that time estimated to reach Rp 20 trillion. If the first known cycle of 5 years, then due to climate change, the frequency of ecological disaster threats become higher.

Surely disaster awareness is absolutely necessary. Residents of Jakarta are no longer indifferent to the climate threat, because the potential for rain with high rainfall intensity is estimated to still last until the end of next February.

Jakarta and the surrounding area home to 24 souls, the 10th most populous city in the world, a city with 1,000 dreams, a city full of problems, annual floods and a population boom. The river body narrows, the siltation to the mounting garbage becomes the base of the problem that never ends. The absorption areas disappeared with the jungle of concrete, small times screamed, squeezed by roads and buildings.

Controlling the flow of water from the upper stream and limiting the volume of water entering the city is actually not new. Development has begun since the Dutch era. West flood canal (KBT) built in 1922 cut the city of Jakarta from the Manggarai water gate to Muara Angke. An effort to evacuate the flow of water during the rainy season to the channel of diversion of floods, is now no longer adequate.

Then how are you with the flood canal mega project with sodetan costing trillions of rupiah? Normalization of Pluit and river reservoirs currently being worked on by the government to cope with the annual flood that hit the capital? See more in the video 'Portrait of Menembus Batasa SCTV, Sunday (15/2/2015) below: (Mar / Rmn)

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