Jakarta Vulnerable to Climate Change, the Most Affected Poor

Jakarta Vulnerable to Climate Change, the Most Affected PoorFrom 530 urban areas in seven Southeast Asian countries, five municipalities of Jakarta are among the 10 most vulnerable areas affected by climate change.

The results are based on a study from Economy and Enviroment for South East Asia. Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said that the current climate change affects the quality of life of people in Jakarta.

Of the large number of Jakarta residents, the most affected people are the lower middle class because their livelihood is disrupted.

"The problems we face are related to each other, there is no stand-alone problem," said Foke, familiar greeting Fauzi Bowo, in the opening of Flood Risk Management and Urban Resilience Workshop at Shangrilla Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (2/5/2012).

He explained that extreme climate and weather changes bring increased rainfall and lead to devastating floods. In fact, this flood disaster eventually widened on the issue of food security.

"As heads of regions facing this problem and directly in the field dealing with the community, of course we have to make prevention and solutions," said Foke.

Furthermore, he said at the time of the great flood of 2007, Jakarta was paralyzed for several days, and 400,000 people were forced to flee. Total losses due to these events are estimated at 695 million US dollars.

"When the floods, people from the middle to the bottom suffered most," said Foke. To that end, flood risk management and city endurance arrangement that is being tried by Jakarta should prioritize the middle to lower class.

This is to remember, those most affected by the flood. Various steps to solve the flood are done, namely the dredging of 13 rivers, the development of East Canal Flood (BKT), and West Canal Flood (BKB), as well as the planned development of giant sea wall which is projected to be able to deal with land subsidence in the north.

"These steps are already under way, such as BKT," he said, "to ask for testimony from residents in East Jakarta who were once flooded, now no longer. "My experience in Jakarta is that community involvement is important as policy makers and urban experts should be able to listen to the people they serve, if they are to succeed," he said.

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