Japan and China Agree to Build Better Relationships

Japan and China Agree to Build Better RelationshipsJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao agreed to build better relations between the two countries while boosting cooperation in business, environmental and diplomatic relations.

Wen's visit to Japan, as reported by The Japan Times on Thursday, in an effort to dilute the tension between the two Asian powers. Through the visit, Beijing now shows how important it is to build a close relationship with Japan.

The two leaders met at the office of the Prime Minister of Japan on Wednesday (11/4) which was followed by the signing of the joint statement.

"Our talks are a major step towards a strategic and mutually beneficial relationship," Abe said as he started talks with Wen.

"That's the main purpose of my visit here," Wen replied later.

Following the meeting at the Japanese prime minister's office on Wednesday, the two leaders signed a bilateral cooperation agreement focusing on the transfer of Japanese technology that could help energy efficiency in China in order to preserve the environment.

Beijing is also mentioned to be proactive in international negotiations on emissions reduction and global warming after 2013 under the Kyoto Protocol of 1997.

This Thursday (12/4) Wen is scheduled to speak at the Japanese speaker and meet with a number of business leaders and meet with the emperor of Japan. Meanwhile, on Friday (13/4) Chinese Prime Minister was scheduled to participate in a baseball game with a number of students, before finally returning to China.

During the talks, as quoted by The Daily Yomiuri on Thursday, the two also agreed to build a better future and work closely on North Korea's nuclear issue. Abe also expressed his plan to visit China at the end of the year as a rspon against China's request as well as invite Chinese President Hu Jinato next year.

Other specific strategic moves agreed include the opening of a regular charter flight between Tokyo Haneda Airport and Sanghai Hongqiao Airport, kicking off imports of Japanese rice to China, cooperation in medicine, especially lagkah-steps to cope with flu and cancer.

Both countries have important economic incentives to work together. China, including Hong Kong, is Japan's number one trading partner. and Japanese companies are eager to have access to Chinese labor and consumers. Meanwhile, China itself seeks investment from Japan. (* / cax)

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