Jatropha Curcas that Can Be Drugs at the same time Deadly Poisons

Jatropha Curcas thatLiputan6.com, Jakarta Jatropha curcas or what we are familiar with jatropha curcas already existed since the time of our ancestors. Plants known to be very drought resistant and easily propagated by this cuttings, it is already famous in Indonesia. In fact, the mention of the name of this plant in every region in Indonesia is also different.

In Sunda known as the distance of budeg, in Java known as jatropha, in Madura known as kalkhe paghar, in Sulawesi known as wolanda distance, distance bindalo, distance bintalo, and in Maluku known as kadoto. Behind the name of so many, jatropha curcas also has tremendous benefits, one of which is as a producer of biodiesel. Well, here are the benefits contained in Jatropha curcas.

1. In Pharmacy and Medical

Ordinary castor oil is prescribed as a drinking medicine to stimulate bowel movements. In ancient books, this oil is known by the name of castor oil. Castor oil is usually used to nourish hair. Recent research in the medical field shows the toxicity of jatropha seeds also has potential for cancer drug repellent.

2. In Agriculture

The distances belong to toxic plants. Especially the distance kaliki, seeds contain harmful toxins called ricin. Throughout the history of ricin known as a very powerful killer poison. Because it is very powerful to kill, this poison is used in the agricultural world as a natural pesticide. Compared with synthetic pesticides, distance biopesticides have advantages, among others, can be made themselves, cheap, and can decompose in nature.

3. In the Environmental Sector

Jatropha is a suitable plant if planted in dry land. Thus, this plant can be utilized to repair critical lands, support the conservation effort of the land, and reforest the bare forests.

Jatropha curcas can also be planted on dry and sloping land, because the root of the fence can cover the surface and grip the soil and effectively store water so as to prevent erosion. The farmers in the Samas beach area of ??Yogyakarta are sixfold the jatropha as the boundary of the plot. In addition to the boundary plot of land, jatropha also serves to protect the plants from the wind from the sea mixed with sand.

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