Jealous Wife, Husband Can Only See Events Flora Fauna

Jealous Wife, Husband Can Only See Events Flora Fauna [/ caption]

In married life, the interaction between husband and wife is very fluctuating, and has a lot of flavor. Sometimes experience a situation of extraordinary joy, sometimes experience sadness. Sometimes have a very high level of confidence to the couple, but sometimes feel jealousy. All the flavors are what help the integrity of a household.

Many people claim, jealousy is a sign of love. This statement is true, as long as his jealousy is proportional. But if jealousy is excessive, it can be dangerous. Excessive attitudes in jealous just make couples feel unfettered and have no freedom. Not the happiness gained, but it can lead to suffering.

Can not See Other Women

One example of excessive jealousy is that of Debbi Wood. This woman is very jealous for fear of her husband cheating. For that he set very strange things for her husband, as husband can not watch movies or ads that have women, always tap the phone husband, and even have a lie detection tool for the husband.

Couple Debbi Wood (43 years) and Steve Wood (32 years) married in 2011 ago. Debbi has a very jealous nature. She did not want her husband to be tempted by another woman and abandoned herself. Because of this, Debbi implements rules that are very different from family life in general. Debbi is worried that Steve will be tempted by other women when they see ads on television, or communicate with women directly.

Every day, Steve can only watch TV shows with flora and fauna themed. TV shows like these broadcast more science about the world of plants and animals, so that a little display of human images. If when watching the event flora and fauna was suddenly there is a trajectory of ads that show beautiful women, Debbi will immediately change the channel. He always tried to accompany Steve while watching TV so he could monitor what was seen by her husband.

Debbi also knows all of her husband's passwords so he can track down with whomever Steve communicates. Not quite up there, Debbi even has a lie detector tool. Every time Steve came home, Debbi immediately paired the tool and asked various things to believe that her husband was not interested in another woman or having an affair. This action is done daily to keep Steve always loyal to him.

"One night, I panicked because there are beautiful women in television commercials and think Steve likes it," said Debbi who immediately forbade her husband to watch any show except flora fauna. "I even bought a lie detector online, to make sure my husband did not seduce another woman," he added.

Many people feel sorry for Steve's fate as living in prison. But Steve says that he really loves Debbi. Therefore, Steve does not object to all the treatment of Debbi which limits his freedom with exaggeration. Steve gave up his phone tapped by his wife, he was also willing to wear lie detector every time he went home. He also willingly can not watch Hollywood movies in cinema or television, because it is only allowed to see the show about the event of flora and fauna.

The condition is of course unnatural and unusual. Everyone has jealousy, but not like Debbi. This is because he has symptoms of Othello Syndrome, a syndrome that makes a person feel overweight in himself, and is afraid his partner cheats. To overcome that anxiety, Debbi consume anti-depressant drugs.[caption id = "attachment_408734" align = "aligncenter" width = "257" caption = "illustration:"]

Not Abuse Trust

Husbands and wives should build mutual trust between them. It is not easy to build an atmosphere of mutual trust, as this requires proof and commitment. But if the atmosphere is not formed, it will be very difficult for both parties to get peace and comfort in married life.

Sometimes the awakened belief must be broken due to the unbelievable behavior of the couple. Trust that has been given was misused, thus making the crack happiness of married life. When one party commits an affair, it complicates the atmosphere. Wife who tried to believe in her husband, was betrayed by the husband's infidelity. Like the Flower story — not the real name, written on the following blog:


Recently Flower discovered that her husband had an intimate relationship through text with other women. Flower accidentally read the exchange of fuel between the two when it was getting his husband's smartphone. Usually he never check the contents of HP, email, Twitter, Facebook husband because they already trust each other. But this time, do not know what kind of power moved, he idly typed the smartphone password and immediately open a chat window containing a conversation between her husband with a woman named P.

Flower initially did not put any suspicion, but while in a hurry to give the gadget to the husband who waited in the next room, read by Honey words, I just arrived, Rain here, and miss.

As stung by something very powerful, Flower stunned, cold began to run all over his body and with his eyes blur, slowly he continued reading the text. Just half read, her husband was approaching and they looked at each other. Flower tongue feels a little bit but finally a second later she managed to get out a scream and ask her husband.

What is this? Who is this? Why did he call you Honey Why do you have to know where he is? Why should I miss? asked Flower.

They then engage in mutual action for the gadget. The curious flower wanted to see it all, while her husband, with a very frightened beam, tried to keep the device from falling into his wife's hands with the threat of destruction of the household right in front of them.That night they had a big fight and ended peacefully. Flowers think just a moment of entertainment and they both agree to forget it because, anyway, the relationship between them as husband and wife also feels fine all this time. Flowers ask all of her husband's passwords: email, Facebook, Twitter, and all who use passwords.

But the next morning, Flower managed to grab the gadget from the hands of her husband and read the text exchange via SMS between the husband with the same woman. This time in the episode promises to meet at a place in a long convoluted text sequence, from the woman in the toilet and getting ready, the location of the meeting, to the pick-up. All are filled with words of Yang, Love (!), And Hugs.

Flowers also managed to find traces of their intimacy through text through a series of Twitter DM and Twitter timeline that occurred between them both. Some of them have been deleted but there is still a leftover read by Google.

From the series of DM Twitter is read the trend of improving their relationship both, ranging from just greeting how, exchange PIN BB, Skype, until finally breaking a point that should not be done by two people who have been bound by the promise of marriage with their spouses, though only through text.


Similarly excerpts of the sad story of Flower that I leave from mommiesdaily blog. Perhaps because of such cases, some wives have excessive jealousy over their husbands. There is a big question they always keep, how much trust can be given to the husband? Similarly, when found cases of wives who commit an affair, will make the husband becomes jealous and difficult to trust the wife.

So the key should be mutual trust and maintain the trust given by the couple. Do not abuse the trust given by a spouse to commit acts of irregularity or infidelity.

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