Jokowi Asked to Support Support Reject US Embassy Transfer to Jerusalem

Jokowi Asked to Support Support Reject US Embassy Transfer to JerusalemJAKARTA, – Chairman of Commission I of the House Abdul Kharis Almasyhari asked President Jokowi provide input to the United States (US) in order to maintain the status quo of Jerusalem and Haram al-Sharif as an international joint property.

He considered, it is very important for all parties for the sake of peace for all nations.

"My suggestion this option should be closed tightly by the US, because it will only give rise to a very large world-scale conflict that will harm all parties" Kharis said through a written statement on Thursday (7/12/2017).

Kharis added that if this were to happen it would be an extraordinary setback for Palestinian independence efforts.

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Kompas Commission I DPR Abdul Kharis Almasyhari at Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (27/11/2017). He also reminded that this development is clearly contrary to international agreements, UN resolutions, and historical facts.

"Such a move would undermine all peace efforts and trigger new tensions and conflicts, and Indonesia should communicate with the US government to avoid these errors and respect all resolutions achieved," he said.

He said President Jokowi could take advantage of his proximity to many world leaders for telephonic communication, one with President Mahmoud Abbas and with other country leaders.

"It is necessary to affirm the importance of establishing a sovereign Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital and the preservation of the status of Jerusalem & Haram al-Sharif for peace and security," the PKS politician continued.

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The Indonesian government rejected the US plan to move the Israeli embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Palestine.According to Vice President Jusuf Kalla, during this time Jerusalem is part of international supervision.

So, we do not want the US like this, "he said at the office of Vice President, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/12/2017).

Indonesia supports Palestinians who disagree The United States Embassy for Israel in Tel Aviv is moved to a region or part of its country.

"Clearly the position of the Government of Indonesia is in favor of supporting the Palestinians so that the United States does not move its embassy to Jerusalem," Kalla said.

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US President Donald Trump conveyed his intention to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The statement does not provide further information as to whether Trump will directly move the embassy or it will be done at any given time in the future.

Moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will mark a major shift in US policy as well as to reverse decades of precedent and go against the international consensus.

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