Jokowi Do not Sell Customary Forests

Jokowi Do not Sell Customary, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo or Jokowi inaugurated 9 customary forest areas given to indigenous peoples to be managed. After this surrender, Jokowi reminds the public not to sell the land already given by the government.

"I need to remind for the conservation forest that changed its status into customary law or forest rights, so the conservation function must be maintained should not be changed its function especially the sale, not allowed," said Jokowi at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday (30/12/2016) .

Conservation forest areas that have changed their status into customary forests can not be used indiscriminately. Ministry of Environment and Forestry will provide counseling to get the best product to be grown in customary forest.

This division of conservation forest is different from before. Jokowi said, usually this kind of land is given to a large corporation, not the people.

"Right now we have started that SK about forest management is given to the people," Jokowi concluded.

9 Indigenous peoples that have been inaugurated and submitted to indigenous peoples are scattered in several areas. Here are 9 customary forests that have been inaugurated by Jokowi.

1. Indigenous Forest Ammatoa Kajang, Tanah Towa Village, Pattiroang Village, Malleleng Village and Bonto Baji Village, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi Province, an area of ??approximately 313.99 Ha;

2. Serampas Indigenous Forest, Rantau Kermas Village, Merangin District, Jambi Province, an area of ??approximately 130.00 Ha;

3. Traditional Forest of Wana Posangke, Taronggo Village, North Morowali Regency, an area of ??approximately 6,212 Ha;

4. Indigenous Forest Kasepuhan Karang, Jagaraksa Village, Lebak Regency, an area of ??approximately 486 Ha;

5. Customary Forest of Bukit Sembahyang and Padun Gelanggang, Waterfall Village, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, area of ??approximately 39.04 Ha;6. Indigenous Forest Bukit Tinggai, Sungai Keras Village Kerinci regency, Jambi Province, an area of ??approximately 41.27 ha;

7. Tiang Luhah Perementi Sixth Forest, Pungut Mudik Village, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, an area of ??approximately 276 Ha;

8. Customary Forest Tigo Luhah Kemantan, Kemantan Kabalai Village, Kemantan Tinggi Village, Kemantan Darat Village, Kemantan Mudik Village, Kemantan Raya Village, Kemantan Agung Village, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, approximately 452 Ha;

9. Indigenous Forest Tombak Haminjon (Kemenyan) Desa Padumaan Sipituhuta, Humbang Hasundutan District, an area of ??approximately 5172 Ha.

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