Jokowi Engineers Can Make Healthy Forests Indonesia

Jokowi Engineers Can Make Healthy Forests Indonesia [/ caption]

A few months ago, I was watching a national TV broadcasting a recording of a meeting between Harrison Ford – an American movie star – with the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Zulkifli Hasan, at Manggala Wana Bakti, Pak Pak Kehutanan's office. Even if the video is aired in 2014, it turns out the meeting of American actors with Mr. Menhut occurred mid-2013. Harrison Ford visited the forest area of ??Indonesia at that time in order to make a documentary Years of Living Dangerously.

The not-so-long repeat shows show Harrison Ford grumbling in a helicopter flying over Tesso Nilo forest, Riau. Ford grumbles there is certainly a reason, he seems furious to see the heavily damaged forest under the helicopter he was traveling. I do not want to meet the Minister of Forestry, I'm afraid.

Impressions continued, this time seeming to be located in Zulkifli Hasan's office, now chair of the MPR. Harrison Ford whose face is not familiar to me, looks tense, he protests why the forest is damaged. Zulkifli repeatedly said this is due to the new democracy in Indonesia, perhaps it means that people dare to do anarchist, local officials dare to break the rules.

The Minister has also done something, the power of the Central Government is not as strong as the current President Suharto's rule, more specifically the management of forest is not one hundred percent controlled by the Ministry of Forestry again, the Government, Governors and Regents also have power to determine the fate of forests in the region, harvested timber, converted into plantations, coal mining and so on.

Harrison Ford did not seem to be justified by Zulkifli Hasan, so when he said he had seen Tesso Nilo and Zulkifli respond with a small laugh and a smile, Ford got mad and said, "It's not funny," nothing funny. I judge here Harrison Ford who reportedly famous actors in America do not understand the eastern culture, especially Indonesia, laughing and smiling it has been built in with the attitude of most Indonesians. The smile and small laugh of Zulkifli Hasan did not laugh at something funny, but an unspoken expression that meant, "Oh good you've seen Tesso Nilo." Ora mudheng the Harrison, did not understand Asian body language.

The syndrome feels superior as a white person who feels that he is from the most advanced country in the world seems to descend Harrison Ford, with great confidence he expressed his anger at the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, something that is unlikely to be done by environmental activists from Japan for example, the same as Harrison Ford would have expressed it in a more polite manner according to Asian manners.

The condition of Indonesia's forests is very worrying, very critical, already have to enter the ER. Should the logging has long been 100 percent stoped, the change of forest function is considered very mature and the remaining forest in Papua must be completely preserved, it can be cut down for timber harvesting but it is very controlled.

Consider if the accident happened to fly over Riau, Riau forest condition from the airplane seen bald hollow pencer pendulul, much different from the view of Riau forest in 1978, which is still green royo-royo. Two years ago I passed through a forest area between Balikpapan – Samarinda – Tenggarong, the forest area is not jungle anymore, commercial timber trees along the road is definitely only one tree left, whether a few tens of kilometers from the East Kalimantan forest road is still heavy. In some places also seen puddles of former coal excavation, again hopefully in accordance with the rules that apply before the coalman left his mine, he wanted to reforest the area of ??the former coal mine. The Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Mining and Local Government of Kaltim and the local districts should pursue coal miners who neglected to rehabilitate their former mine area.

Jokowi first lectured at the Faculty of Forestry UGM, as a Bachelor of Forestry and as President of Indonesia should have a better forest rehabilitation and maintenance program than previous President-RI. Jokowi must appoint the Minister of Forestry who truly understands forest and forestry, firmly and has great intention of defending Indonesia's forest so as not to be destroyed. Is not Indonesia's forest destruction going to be a disaster for Indonesia and its surroundings, even for the whole world? Forest fires in America that used to be a spectacle in TVRI, now a routine event in Sumatra and Kalimantan, can not be stopped?

HarrisonForestry Engineer Joko Widodo and his appointed Minister of Forestry must be able to improve Indonesia's forests. If there is too much authority in the hands of the Governor and the Bupati try to revise the rules, the law, talk with the House of Representatives carefully. The overwhelming authority at the hands of the Governor and the Bupati is dangerous if it falls into the hands of an unworthy official, it can be disliked by him. The new Minister of Forestry to be careful also chooses his auxiliary officials, choose who understands the forestry and trusts to carry out his duties.

Greetings Foresters Mr. President!

Note: Harrison Ford's conversation video with Zulkifli Hasan can be seen on June 23, 2014.

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