Jokowi has not told me yet

Jokowi has not told me yetReportedly the Provincial Government of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta will buy land in Depok, West Java, to control flooding.

Although this information has been crowded in the media, Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail claimed to have heard about it. Even the Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo alias Jokowi also has not submitted the plan to him. "If there are things that need to be coordinated between regions, the Ministry of Public Works should intervene," he said when met two weeks ago at Hotel Sofyan Betawi, Cikini, Central Jakarta.

The following explanation Nur Mahmudi to Arbi Sumandoyo, Pramirvan Datu Aprillatu, and photographer Muhammad Lutfhi Rahman.

Are there any discussions related to the Jakarta government's plan to buy land in Depok for flood control?

Until now it does not exist. That intention I have not heard, I have never received either oral or written. So I can not comment anything. But I have often talked about watersheds, whether Ciliwung, Citarum, Cisadane, etc., the authority is in the Ministry of Public Works. If there are things that need to be coordinated between regions, the Ministry of Public Works should intervene.

So not between fellow local governments?

Yes under the Ministry of Public Works we counsel. However, related to the flood control strategy, it is necessary to play the role of experts about what needs to be done to control and manage the floods because the management of the floods there are various.

The easiest flood management is to drain as fast as possible to the sea. Apparently not easy as well because it provides enough river and the depth is not quite done smoothly by the areas skipped.

Well, that's all we need to pay attention to. Water overflow is managed through canalization. The rest, we maintain for example applied a line of equivalent. How wide should not be built, then added again greening in the area equivalent river. Means widen the green open space.

The government has mandated each of us at least 30 percent of the area to be green open spaces.

Is the absorption well made in Depok already done?In Depok, alhamdulillah has been done since we bring in research professors from LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences).

How many absorption wells have been made to control flood and groundwater supply in the upstream area?

There are some in the factory and school area. About six to seven affected wells we make from 2003 to 2013. We add again in 2014. If the absorption well is made on every building. Through the process of IMB (Building Permit) we have mandatory with absorption wells.

This also adds to the absorption well mechanism to avoid spillage. Well, there is another technique to reduce contamination. Every waste water in buildings and industries, we are obliged to build wastewater treatment plants so as not to contaminate surface water.

How do you overcome the excess water debit every wet season?

With there are absorbing wells in some buildings not all rain water flows into the times. Indeed we can shipment from Bogor and we must guarantee the smooth running of water in the setu. We set some of the water in our setu flow not to spill over into our left-right region. That means we have to do the canalization.

Practically Depok has prevented from sending water to Jakarta?

The effort but I still believe there are still sent. Because of the fact that there are still sent.

Will you allow Jokowi to buy land in Depok to anticipate flooding in Jakarta?

That decided it was back to the Ministry of Public Works. They should evaluate any need for flood control and treatment. Then the ministry should involve various parties before deciding.

If the forum is correct, the mechanism is correct, the budgeting is correct, the source is true according to the law, Law number 2 of 2012, the process of procurement process is also true for the public interest, and it must all be done, we okay.Then why there is housing along the Ciliwung River?

We always give the housing permit according to the rules set by the Ministry of Public Works. Buildings on the banks of the Ciliwung River may be as long as the corresponding rivers are applied by the Ministry of Public Works.

Is the housing along the Ciliwung River, such as Pesona Kayangan, already by the rules?

Who already get the IMB would have been appropriate. Building has got IMB must have been legitimized and verification. Because it has been determined how long, whether fifteen meters or twenty-five meters, that which sets the Ministry of Public Works. We will not issue the IMB if it does not match the river line.

But the Jakarta government accused the housing on the side of Ciliwung it stands on the green line?

So the Spatial Plan (RT / RW) determines the area can be determined to be what: industry, home, or office and so on. Secondly, the green line meant by the central government is that the watershed does not extend beyond the river line.

So along the flow of the Ciliwung River more than 30 meters there are buildings. Why there used to be a green line now there are buildings. Under the rules, this land belongs to them. Do they want to build according to the usage space order.

This rule we hold. We must always nurture and assist the maximum we may allow to build. So if there is a green-spoken person on the line of the river as determined. Let them all understand.

So not true allegations of green lines along the river flow built settlements?

I do not know who to blame. But essentially, the existing building is according to the layout.

What's your response about Jokowi's plans to build a reservoir in Depok?Do not know. [fas]

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