Jokowi In the Eye of the New York Society!

Jokowi In the Eye of the New York Society!After the international daily "International Herald Tribune" 21 Februrai 2013 highlights Jokowi, now the daily turn of "The New York Times" featuring Jokowi with the title roughly In Indonesia, a Governor Feel Comfortable on the Streets (In Indonesia, a Governor at Home on the Streets), written by Joe Cochrane. What did the prominent daily New York City show? Joe Coachrane writes that every day Joko Widodo, do something rarely do Indonesian political elite: blusukan to jaaln-street to talk to the citizens who choose it. Very often, he is surrounded by people when he visits the slums, traditional markets, or poor housing. Men, women, children try to approach or shake hands with them, showing their respect.

Jokowi jokes that people are actually not happy to see him, but they are surprised to see the Indonesian leader out of office space. People consider it a street democracy because I go to see them, "said 52-year-old Jokowi. He explains his program and often hears input from residents. He also often stops at the subdistrict office or urban village or tax office so that bureaucrats know that Jokowi is watching him.
That is the routine Jokowi activity that is often predicted as presidential polling next year. In August 2013 the leading daily Kompas displayed his picture for three days with top polls and nearly two rival rival seoang retired army generals. "He's the opposite of the leaders now, he's not like any other official," said Bhimanto Suwastoyo, editor of the Jakarta Globe. If most officials just ruled and did not want to ask the wishes of the community, then Jokowi do the opposite. Jokowi has made two political efforts in two projects. The first disciplined Tanah Abang Market, and the second moved 7,000 poor people around the Pluit Dam so that the waterways that often cause flooding can be dredged for the first time in 30 years.

Jokowi also is thinking of two important things in Jakarta floods and congestion.

PDI-P officials say Mrs. Megawati has indicated that by the age of 66 she feels "old" and has become a "grandmother." Jokowi and Megawati have also appeared side by side in recent events in the past few weeks demonstrating the possibility of being a candidate.

Rony Zakaria for The International Herald Tribune
According to The New York Times daily, Joko Widodo, the governor of Jakarta, announced that he would visit Tanah Abang Market he frequented in August 2013.

Jokowi Sudden Inspection To Kelurahan

Tuesday, October 8, 2013; six more days exactly one year Jokowi and Ahok became governor and vice governor of DKI. One of the things that changed in Jakarta was the service of famine that in the past was often associated with small-scale levies or corruption.
What does Jokowi-Ahok do? They came up with a change that is auctioning offshoots in Jakarta. As a result? Dated October 12, 2013 Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as there is no tiring to make a sudden visit to the office of Cibubur Urban Village, Jalan Lapangan Tembak, Ciracas, East Jakarta. In his visit Jokowi appreciate the village that provides candy and mineral water to the residents. There is another report of the residents that in Kelurahan Cililitan, Lenteng Agung, etc. the waiter is much changed to be good. Citizens would love to see positive changes like this. The question now makes the change was not necessarily difficult and must be all-round wah. Ah, wherever Jokowi-Ahok has been, why just now go to Jakarta?

Today Tuesday, October 12, 2013 Jokowi can eat candy and visitors can drink water in Kelurahan Cibubur (Bilkis / detikcom). Jokowi came to Cibubur to be a speaker in the event Build Without Displacing in GOR POBKI, Wisma Sugondo, Cibubur. He praised the look of the office space Cibubur Village neat and orderly and there are candy for guests. Jokowi also found mineral water provided by the kelurahan officer. May all urban village offices in Indonesia do the same thing to improve their services to the citizens! It is also good to see regional heads competing to improve services to their citizens such as in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

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