Jokowi instructed Sofyan Djalil to handle land dispute in Cisadang

Jokowi instructed SofyanPresident Joko Widodo (Jokowi) instructed the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial / Head of the National Land Agency Sofyan Djalil to settle a 700 hectare land dispute in Kampung Cisadang, Telukjambe, Karawang, West Java. The settlement of the dispute should pay attention to the fate of the people.

"(Dispute resolution) In a reasonable way, because if by law this farmer or community group representing the community is very weak, then we should look for ways with the first possible combination is how can they gain access so they can use the forest for farming, as do other social forest access programs, "Sofyan explained at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/5).

In addition to helping to gain access to social forest, Sofyan Djalil plans to provide shelter for Cisadang farmers. The shelter is in the form of land that can be used to live.

"(The shelter) In areas that do not have to be a source of conflict, but we will look for a solution that they (farmers) also understand," he said.

Sofyan said, the 700 hectare land in Cisadang was actually a dispute between the National Land Agency and Forestry. The Forestry Party claims the land is categorized as a forest area while BPN says the land is a leased land for generations since the Dutch colonial era.

"The land is in the record of the BPN certificate is erpah.Eppah means HGU (Hak Guna Usaha) of the Dutch era, it is not possible HGU issued in the forest area but we finish with the forestry, but what we are now how to solve with the community. conflicts between BPN and forestry on map matters, the KPK is also watching whether we go to the field to test the map, because it is a matter of course map, "said Sofyan.

"Now the conflict between the community with PT Lestari Pertiwi, now we have to find an applicable solution, problem solving that can solve the problem, the President said okay, we are assigning me, must find the formula within the next 2-3 days," he continued.

For information, President Jokowi's instruction on Sofyan Djalil to respond to the demands of United Farmers Union of Telukjambe Bersatu (STTB) in front of the State Palace, Jakarta, on Tuesday (25/4). They asked Jokowi to resolve the 700 hectare land dispute conflict with PT Pertiwi Lestari in Kampung Cisadang, Telukjambe, Karawang West Java.


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