Jokowi Lantik East Jakarta Mayor in Former Waste Disposal

Jokowi Lantik EastThere are different in the inauguration of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of East Jakarta this morning. Typically, the inauguration of city officials was held in town hall, mayor building or at least in a building complete with air conditioning or air conditioning.

But not what happened this morning. Jakarta Capital City Governor Joko Widodo or Jokowi inaugurates East Jakarta Mayor and Deputy Mayor at a large field of former Final Waste Disposal at Pulo Jahe, East Jakarta.

The atmosphere of inauguration is so simple, there is only one stage for embedding the inauguration. Watches large stage dominated orange color is very, very simple. Not like the inauguration of a mayor. Just one big banner and the usual stage decorations.

For guests invited already prepared chairs in front of the stage. At around 08.00 am, Jokowi inaugurated and read HR Krisdianto's oath of office as East Jakarta Mayor and Husein Nurad as his Deputy.

In his speech, Jokowi convey the reason for holding the inauguration in this simple way. Jokowi usually admitted the inauguration is often held in the town hall building or the mayor's office.

"But today we do in the middle of society, because our orientation is not ceremonial but functional," said Jokowi.

For Jokowi, the position is not for a power. Position that it was to serve. "To work for the community, I need to remind the Mayor and Mr. Vice," said Jokowi.

Then why is the inauguration at the location of the final dumps? "Because this is where the problems exist, in the villages," said Jokowi. In between his serious speech, Jokowi mislabeled the name of the village. "Not only in the Ginger Garden," said Jokowi. Suddenly residents who are in the immediate vicinity of the interruption. "Pulo Jahe Pak Jokowi."

Jokowi admitted still not memorized the names of the kelurahan. Especially the name of the village. One of the most important thing, said Jokowi, Mayor and Deputy Mayor after being sworn in immediately knew the problem. Such as drainage problems, ditch, poor toilet, or greening.

"If we are in the building, the place is ac, the problem will not be seen, because that looks good," said Jokowi who was applauded. (Ism)

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