Jokowi prompted the act of assertive subordinates who try to bribe journalists

Jokowi prompted theHead of Central Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department, Toga Torop tried to bribe journalists in public to complain of a janitor about the small honor received without preaching.

In response, Vice Chairman of Parliament DKI Jakarta Triwisaksana said the action is very inappropriate. According to him, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo must act firmly to his subordinates.

"Jokowi must discipline his subordinates, why can it be so," said the man who usually called Bang Sani when contacted, Saturday (20/7).

Moreover, continued Sani, waste and cleanliness issues are in the spotlight of the community. Should, the Sanitation Office build a solid team and open to the community, not attempt to bribe journalists.

It claimed to be calling the concerned for questioning. "We will call for an explanation," he said.

The story of bribery begins with thousands of janitors from five areas of the capital following the breaking of fast together in Cawan Monas, Jakarta. In the event, Vice Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahja Purnama (Ahok) was present.

After the event, one of the participants approached Ahok and complained about his small honorarium. In front of him, Ahok then called the Head of Sanitation Agency of DKI Jakarta, Unu Nurdin and gave instructions.

"So you should immediately fix the contract with the private employment, baseball can be like this continues private," said Ahok to Unu.

The admission prompted a number of journalists to interview the figure of the man in the green hat. But unfortunately, the effort was not successful because Unu prohibits reporters approaching him.

Despite failing, journalists are looking for other participants who participated in the event. Not long ago, the reporters also managed to meet one of the cleaning workers who do not want to be named.

The man who served in Kemayoran claimed to get honorarium of Rp 71 thousand per day, thus in a month he got Rp 2.13 million per month. That number increased compared to before the determination of UMP DKI, he only received Rp 52 thousand per day.In the middle of an interview, Suddenly the Head of the Central Jakarta Cleanliness Department, Toga Torop blustered the janitor.

"You work or do not work," Toga asked the officer in an emotional tone, Friday (7/19).

With a frightened expression, the man replied stammered. "Yes sir, work," she replied curtly.

"Why say 24-hour work? You know who I am?" Toga said.

"Yes sir I know," the officer replied.

Seeing that, the journalists asked him about his harsh attitude toward his subordinates. Without reducing his anger, Toga claimed to have been ordered by Kadis Hygiene, Unu. Because, there is an officer who claimed to be employed for 24 hours nonstop.

Not only that, Toga tried to convince that the man interviewed was just wanting a big salary. "They just want a big salary," he said curtly.

Do not stop there, Toga then tried to bribe journalists to not load the complaint. "There is money to buy a compote," he said.

Cash only, some journalists were immediately refused bribes Toga. Not willing to surrender, he openly asked to be contacted shortly before Lebaran.

"Yes, Lebaran contact me later," he continued.

The act of Toga is ironic. Because, at this time Jokowi and Ahok are heavily improving the bureaucracy in the city government. [and]

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