Jokowi showcased 9 flagship programs at the Musrenbang event

Jokowi showcased 9Jakarta Capital City Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) presented nine excellent programs for the Jakarta Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2013-2017 in the Musrenbang Development Planning Meeting (Musyawarah Pembangunan Pembangunan / Musrenbang). Musrenbang was attended by a number of figures such as AM Fatwa DPD RI member Dapil Jakarta, historians JJ Rizal, Bamus Betawi, SKPD Jakarta Provincial Government and several community representatives.

These nine flagship programs will be implemented for five years of leadership in DKI Jakarta Province. "I include nine excellent programs in RPJMD that must be completed for five years," said Jokowi at the Central Hall of the City Hall Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/1).

Nine flagship programs of Jokowi include the development of mass public transportation system through the development of the development of busway corridors, the addition of the busway fleet, stretching and rejuvenation of medium bus fleet, MRT development and monorail development.

Second, flood control through the development of dams, reservoirs and embungs, river and channel normalization, polder system development, embankment reinforcement, absorption well drilling and biopore hole and deep tunnel development.

"The third program is the people's housing program and village arrangement, which will be implemented through the development of rental houses integrated with market facilities, health and sports, and then encourage vertical housing development as well as the arrangement of villages and slums," said Jokowi.

Jokowi continued, the fourth flagship program is the development of Green Open Space (RTH). Through the addition of green open space through the purchase of land and the contribution of developers, raising the role of private and community in the provision and maintenance of Public Space / greening the environment.

Then, Jokowi also include the arrangement of street vendors (PKL) as the fifth seeded program. Namely through the provision of space for the informal economy / street vendors in the areas of offices and trade, build a special mall for street vendors, and improve traditional markets.

Furthermore, the sixth seeded program is the development of education through the 12-year compulsory education, the implementation of the Jakarta Smart Card, the construction of school buildings and the improvement of teacher competence. While the seventh seeded program presented Jokowi is the development of health.

Through the implementation of Healthy Jakarta Card, developing inpatient health centers, increasing the capacity of third-class beds in hospitals and public health services in traditional markets / flats.

"The eighth-seeded program is the development of culture, through the development of Betawi cultural center, the revitalization of the old city, the implementation of international cultural events, the development of character of the city characteristic of Betawi, and the construction of the Great Mosque of Jakarta," explained Jokowi.

"The last flagship program, which is the development of public services, will be realized through excellent service in urban and sub-district, development of online tax services, online licensing service development and the implementation of One Stop Service (PTSP)," he said. [has]

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