Jokowi Steps Related to Forest Fires Consider Only Imaging

Jokowi Steps Related to Forest Fires Consider Only ImagingJAKARTA, Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IV, Edhy Prabowo urged President Joko Widodo to perform a number of real and quick action in handling forest fires in several regions in Indonesia. Edhy rate, during this ultimatum and visits made by President Jokowi related to forest fires is only limited to imaging because it is not supported by concrete steps.

What is the ultimatum? Not just an ultimatum. the ultimatum is also not clear to whom, Kemenhut kah? To BNPB or to the regional head? Do not be an ultimatum without clear steps, "said Edhy, during a press conference at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/10/2015)

He considered, when conducting a review to the location of forest fires, the President should have a meeting directly with the local authorities and urged to formulate strategic steps in the handling of forest fires.

The ultimatum is okay, as of October 30th should be fine. But there is no president called his bupatis? Instruct them to alert the apparatus such as sub-district head, village head and village head? This is the budget, is there no? We consider this to be an omission, he said.

The Gerindra Party politician also asked the President to pay attention to the attitude of the regional head and his apparatus who did not want to disburse the funds that had been given by the government to overcome the forest fires. According to him, the regional head and his apparatus are afraid to use the funds because they are not guaranteed and protected by law.

There is no guarantee from the government to allocate budgets for other purposes diverted to handle forest fires, guaranteed not to be captured by the KPK, not arrested by the police, guaranteed not to be brought to the prosecutor's office. If that happens it is a real step, he said.

He also urged the government to prioritize prevention rather than overcoming the potential threat of forest fires by 2016. According to him, if the government continues to prioritize forest fire prevention, it will make budget swelling and bad for the community.

If the countermeasures remain, the budget will surely be excessive, such as when the emergency situation then everything can be all-expensive, the cost of aircraft rental (water bombing and weather modification), the cost of rental firefighters. It will be different from ordinary days, said Edhy.

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