Jokowi Wants Landscape Jakarta Has Character

Jokowi Wants Landscape Jakarta Has CharacterJAKARTA, – Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo wants the landscape of the park in Jakarta has its own character. Creation of landscape character is done to realize the character of the capital city.

"The important thing is to send the message to the experts so that the landscape character of Jakarta is different from other cities and countries, the type of plant or the character is different so there is a clear distinction, oh this is the landscape of Jakarta," said Jokowi at Ciganjur Seed Garden, Jakarta, Monday (1/14/2013).

To make this happen, Jokowi continues to ask for input from professional and experts to the character of Jakarta landscape can be raised. In addition, Jokowi requested that the ranks under it in the Department of Parks and Cemetery Jakarta to prepare various types of reforestation crops.

"There are plants that are productive plants, there are aesthetic plants, there are plants that grow fast, so it looks quick green.An there plant character to strengthen the character of the city.This year we will make examples of which the characters, aesthetics, productive, new next year again, "said Jokowi.

This afternoon Jokowi reviews the Nursery in Jagakarsa area, Ciganjur, South Jakarta. The nursery is owned by Jakarta Parks and Cemetery Agency. In the visit of approximately 45 minutes, Jokowi accompanied by Head of Parks and Funeral Agency of Jakarta Catharina Soeryowati.

The 3.5 hectare nursery has various plants, including 15 types of flowering ornamental plants and beautiful leaf, such as Eucalyptus, Leda, Kaya, Kule, and so on. In the fiscal year 2013, Jakarta Provincial Government targets to increase the amount of green open space (RTH) up to 10 percent from this year's RTH area reaching only 9.6 percent.

The inconsistent number of citizens and the increasing number of land brokers is a major obstacle for Jakarta City Parks and Cemeteries in the land acquisition to increase the RTH. The Time Over Use of Budget (Silpa) Department of Parks and Public Cemeteries for land acquisition in the 2012 fiscal year amounted to Rp 200 billion. For 2013, the budget allocated for land acquisition is approximately Rp 300 billion. Silpa APBD 2012 which is predicted to reach Rp 9 to Rp 10 trillion will also be used Jokowi for RTH expansion.

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