Jonatan and Anthony Kandas in the First Round, It’s Coach’s Comment

Jonatan and Anthony Kandas in the First Round, It's Coach's CommentHong Kong – Two Indonesian men's singles, Jonatan Christie and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, swallowing unsatisfactory results in the Hong Kong Open Super Series 2017. Both equally ran aground in the first half.

Minor results are directly evaluated by the men's singles coach PBSI, Hendry Saputra.

In the first round match at the Hong Kong Open, Anthony came from the home side, Wong Wing Ki Vincent, 21-18, 11-21 and 16-21. As for Jonatan's move discontinued Taiwan players Wang Tzu Wei, 17-21 and 13-21.

If I see from the game did I see there is a somewhat reduced speed. This is not an excuse but this is what Anthony experienced. The speed of his legs can not compensate for the design of the game he hopes, "said Hendry as reported by PBSI website.

"Anthony is a player who rely on speed power.With one state between winning or losing the wind, I think Anthony must have maturity to address it, so it can be a good result," he added.

Hendry said Anthony had a knee problem while playing in the French Open Super Series 2017, last month.

Now it's already better. But with the tempo that rely on speed power, he means to be consistent. Well, this consistent problem I think there is a slight reduction. This can not be an excuse. But in terms of mental experience juangnya there must be an increase. Because they often meet. There is the influence of maturity and intelligence in the field. The opponent is somewhat better equipped to deal with Anthony's attack, beber Hendry.

Related Jonatan, Hendry said will increase the variation of the player's blow to turn off the opponent. According to him, Jonatan is still lacking in a variety of punches.

Jonathan stroke is less variation. With sufficient reach and energy, but he has a technique is still less variation, less able to hit the opponent, unlike Anthony, said Hendry.

The results achieved by Anthony and Jonatan in Hong Kong Open is not much different from the China Open Super Series Premier 2017 last week. Anthony was also in the first round of Hong Kong players, Ng Ka Long Angus and Jonatan losing from the same opponent in the second half.

Hendry assess the appearance of Anthony and Jonatan is still not consistent. Anthony and Jonatan had become champions and runners-ups at the French Open Super Series, but after that failed to maintain consistency.When viewed from the opponent is not easy. But when viewed from the Korea Open, I hope they have a better experience. But the problem of consistency is still lacking. The name of the process, this is what must be pitted. Top players can also experience things like this, said Hendry.

With results in the Hong Kong Open, the chances of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie appearing in the tournament tournament, Dubai World Super Series Finals 2017 finally vanished already.

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