Journalist Journalist Ihsan, Mute Girl and Swamp Snake

Journalist Journalist Ihsan,This busy office hours are incredible, fatigue and saturation is felt when it is still half past 9 am. Dinda was as bothered as ever with her Make-up and her magic mirror, but not necessarily today there's a reportage, the type of spirits, this is what I like about Dinda.

Suddenly the sound of the envelope throwing quite thick thrown on the table, ouch, this is moreover, "You change Edward Offroad coverage, Letters, Tickets and additional bonuses are there", there is no akad pack boss directly step on the gas, "but sir, I do not know very well about automotive, let alone Offroad ". Hmmmm Mr. Boss just walked away, yes how else, Edward Christmas holiday and new year with his family, while me and other colleagues must remain Deadline as usual.

This is the first time I've covered Automotive, usually also neighborhood Rubric and rural-scented agriculture, but it seems fun to be in Jeep with Mr. Rudi, Head of Offroad team. The person is calm, talk too briefly but if you step on the gas can only pray and Istiqfar.

There are 15 Jeep who participated Offroad, we stopped the edge of the lake that viewnya extraordinary. I go out the door slowly Jeep while enjoying the view, "Ya god" I see the Cobra Java big enough, almost I step on it, woe !, this Cobra poison is amazing, did not take long to go to the afterlife. For hours on this new journey I mentioned the name of God.

We pray together in front of the savvy Green Grass, while the other Team cooks and prepares food because there is no obligation of Worship. Menu is ready, Worship is also finished, Alhamdulilah full of fresh air, and finally we have lunch together. This cuisine is quite tasty, It turns out that cooking Henry, Chef Young who has a culinary business in the capital, deserve to impress the extraordinary luxury, Just like the Jeepnya pictured Pagoda.

Between the long chats with Team Offroad, from a distance I saw the figure of a smallish girl looking at me from a thick shrub, with large trees that seem haunted, Looks like he's sad. I was curious, I approached him running, whatever he wanted until I was ordered to follow him. Did not feel I was in a village in the middle of the forest, strangely I never saw it on any map, I was worried and thought about my safety, ouch, Offroad Team must be confused to find me.

The girl was waiting for me in front of a beautifully carved wooden door, this luxury unlike any other. I go into a big enough wooden house, it turns out in the already many people, they are very polite and a grandmother called me, it looks like her Elders here, "Forgive him, since childhood can not talk", now I just realized, girl is mute.

The grandmother called me, Giving something like a leather belt to be tied around my wrist and one of the citizens gave me the Wallet, I saw its contents a half-wet sheet of paper, it said Switch Off Phones, No Photography, Natural History Museum and a SIM, Downing Street London , I wonder how it is here. Grandma talks to people in languages ??I do not understand, one of the residents pulled me to join her.

I walked out of my grandmother's house with many people to a place that was as thick as wild yet unspoiled, My senses widened instantly, this is a vast place besides the Lake that I almost stepped on the Cobra of Java, this is a swamp, very wide, , I saw a Heli stranded in the middle of the Swamp, this Heli seemed to fall in an accident, his position almost upside down. Citizens crossing Swamps just like, like to lead me, This swamp is full of snakes, Strangely the snakes were even away from me.

I see the documents scattered in the swamp, it seems the Heli passengers want to be found somebody, they throw it away in hopes of finding people and be a clue. I opened Heli's closed door to a mud trap, they accidentally closed it for safety, all the passengers survived. It seems they are frightened out of the swamp trap, these snakes everywhere, I carry them one by one to the edge of the swamp.

This is the last person I hoisted to the edge of the swamp, no four people have been, they are all in a state of injury and weak without power. While seen entourage Jeep Offroad came. Foreign tourists who seem to team of researchers and archaeologists Finally in the Jeep Offroad transport to return home, while Mr. Rudi came out Jeep congratulated me.Mr Rudi: Great, you do it alone, you're a real Man

Journalist Ihsan: I am assisted by the villagers here Pak

Mr Rudi: You're joking, here in the jungle, no village here, you know what you're crossing to save those people?

Journalist Ihsan: No sir (I look around the quiet, where the residents were?)

Mr Rudi: This Swamp Snake, Even the team ofroad of any world no one dared to try this swamp.

During the trip home Mr. Rudi praised me continuously, he said I was the craziest Journalist he ever met, I am all the talk of Mr. Rudi, I was silently curious with Kampung Gadis Mute, his clothes very old, The furniture is also similar to the findings of Antiquities but still new, and that makes me curious the leather belt is still on my wrist.

Journalist Journalist Ihsan: Mute Girl and Swamp Snake

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