JPT 2009 Planned 9.1 Million M3

JPT 2009 Planned 9.1 Million M3The Ministry of Forestry (MoF) is planning a quota of Allotments for Felling (JPT) of natural forest in 2009 of 9.1 million cubic meters (m3), equal to this year's harvest quota.

The quota is calculated based on the proposed Annual Working Plan coming from the holders of Forest Timber Forest Product Utilization License (IUPHHK-HA / HPH), said Director General of Forestry Production Development of the Ministry of Forestry, Hadi Pasaribu on the sidelines of the Minister of Forestry's discussion with mining entrepreneurs on the planting of 100 million trees in 2008 in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/11).

Nevertheless, according to him, "Stipulation of Allotments of Felling Production in 2009 is still waiting for the approval of the minister of forestry, amounting to 9.1 million cubic meters."

In addition to considering the proposed RKT, he said, the determination of RKT also takes into account the current global recession.

According to Hadi, the global financial crisis does make the demand for wood products weakened. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Forestry has not lowered its quota this year in the hope that the world economy will improve. "So, when demand returns, timber needs can be met," he said.

According to MoF data, on average, timber exports reach US $ 3 billion annually, coming from plywood and carpentry.

The value is expected to fall in the next few years as demand diminishes. "The report I received, the forestry industry is now difficult to get export orders next year, even for re-orders alone," said Hadi.

To maintain the competitiveness of the forest industry, the Ministry has taken a number of policies, among them by accelerating and cutting the licensing process.

As for fiscal incentives, MoF is considering imposing a special reforestation fee for waste wood. "Currently in the process of discussing with the Office of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy," he said.

Wood waste in question is a wood with a diameter of 30-49 cm which is often left at logging sites by HPH concessionaires because of the same DR tariffs with woods diameter 50 cm and above. In addition, DR payments will also use the rupiah currency. (kpl /

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