JuneSometimes the usual love makes someone extraordinary

that was overcast at that time. Si mbok reached into a half-pogoh running. Holding the youngest sleeping.

"Sri, change your clothes"

The voice of the mbok softly

After lying the youngest on the couch mats, Mbok holds my shoulder. I was silent while staring into the mirrored eyes.

"Forgive the simbok nak.Simbok do not know what else to do."

I almost cried, wanting to scream loudly, but something was restrained. Only a teardrop I could remove.

"Pack your things, they'll come for you soon." Continue simbok while rubbing something on his cheek.

My body is weak, limp all the joints. My body is terraced, unpowered. My dream last night came true.

I picked up a piece of cloth in the plywood cabinet that did not deserve to be called a closet. Then wrap it in a jarit rag that I use every night as a blanket.

Si mbok hugged me from behind. Our tears are just as heavy. I turned and hugged more tightly."Mboookkk"


The sound of the knock on the door that I was hoping to postpone was not even present, now real. Simbok said, "now is the time."

The more tightly I hugged the simbok. Hope the mbok have the power to defend me. Wish there was a miracle with the arrival of a swordsman who would defend me like a radio show that every night I heard.

However, this reality ….

It's hard to walk. Four guards Mr. Jamin was ready to take me to the house we used to call the Village Palace. I paused and turned, a sizzling look leaning on the door frame.

Just like my dream last night. The eyes of the neighbors stared. I know their hearts are pounding. Including my two friends, Lastri and Racik, I can only pass my two friends crying. I do not know what kind of girl they bring to the village palace. No one returns to his hometown when his feet have treaded there


A night when I and the rewang were about to take off and see our hut in a dream. Mbok Jam, calling me. He invited me to see Mr. Jamin. After knocking on the door, we both bowed our heads to knees on the floor and dragged him near the royal court of the village.

"Tomorrow I will marry you"

I just bowed, not daring to lift my head let alone refuse Mr. Jamin's plan. My chest was pounding, cold sweat pouring in my body. I was trembling, I wanted to scream and say no. It did not occur to me to get married at a young age especially with a master who was known to be cruel and cruel.But what can I do .. I can not do anything.

That day arrived ….

Jealous eye eyes began to find in the corner of this luxury house. The nine wives welcomed Mr. Jamin holding hands tightly. Now I became the tenth lady. Young lady Mr Jamin.

Day I was going to be your new wife. I am the youngest. 14 years old. You always tell me that he loves me. Master always talks, whatever magnet is on me so that he also chooses me. Tuan also said that I was different from the wife of another wife, and I also do not want to know what the difference is what you mean.

Although I became a lady in this palace, but I still call my husband "Tuan".

One day, all of us, sir and his wives gathered for dinner. The jealous flame of the ladies increasingly fluttered. Moreover, Master always put me on the table full of snacks. Miris, when I see a girl my age as a servant in this village. They never know again how the outside world. They never understand what will happen tomorrow. The face of a desperate face full of fatigue illustrates that they will never return to the family they love.

My heart was wounded to see How the wives and children of the Tuan treat the rewang. Like they treat Mbok Keri. The oldest dusk of old age. Because of the same cause as us, our parents were in debt to Master. Keri's decades were in the arms of this house, when Mbok Keri's father was indebted to Mr. Madun, my husband's father. The fate of the girls in this palace would have been the same. Never come back until doom.

"Why did you cry?"

Turns out you saw my tears at dinner

Kukeranikan self reveal the contents of my heart

"Sir, do you really love me?"Master grips my fingers, "yes"

"The rewang, they are the same as me, how do you feel when you see me treated the same as them, are you ill?"

Master is silent

"Sir, if afterwards you punish me for my courage, punish me"

Shut up, without a word. Master bowed


Lately I've seen Master do not say much. He prefers silence in the study. Nothing he did, just sat and looked at his tea garden.

A bright morning, Master called me.

"I want to go back to your hut"

I was bowed in surprise

"I want to live in the village with you.I nodded

Wives cry, but nothing can prevent your desire. Similarly, the rewang, they are teary. The despair that had been in their minds was gone. They will be free and return to the hut where they were born.

I smile…..

My husband. Now he looked happier. Being completely happy, being a farmer and living modestly in an old shack.

I had a cup of wedang ronde and five slices of gethuk with a smile.


"Sri … Sri …. wake up … build" Tuminah, wake me up.

Turns out I'm dreaming.

"Mr. Jamin called you" Darwati who cornered the room replied with a tense face

I smiled, "Just relax friends, return to my hometown, not just a dream"

Looks the rewang silent and do not know the meaning of the sentence that I say.

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