Jurus entrepreneurs prevent forest fire expansion

Jurus entrepreneurs preventForest and land fires occurring in some parts of Indonesia, often impressed by forestry companies. For that, entrepreneurs have a stance to avoid the spread of forest fires.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Forest Entrepreneurs (APHI) Riau Muller Tampubolon explained APHI Riau with its members have conducted a series of activities to prevent the occurrence of fire. APHI members have made socialization activities to communities around the concession area in order not to burn.

"Our company has put banners banned from burning forests," said Muller in his statement in Jakarta on Monday (7/8).

Upon entering the dry season, and starting to observe hot spots and hotspots, APHI members have also set up teams to conduct monitoring on their concession lands.

Muller explained that companies under the auspices of APHI have facilities in accordance with ministerial regulations. In fact, he claims the companies have closed-circuit television (CCTV) alone to monitor from a distance.

APHI also works closely with the police and TNI, coordinating and communicating each other to monitor visible points. Upon receiving a report of a suspected hotspot from satellite monitoring, the team from APHI went straight to the field check.

"Our members also routinely make reports every time," he explained.

In the event of fire, APHI members do not remain silent. The team from the company along with the TNI, police, and related apparatus down to the location of the fire prevented the fire from widening.

"Hence the best of both roads of the government there, the police there, the TNI there, from the company also exist, both provide direction to the community," he concluded.


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