Just Read Not Enough, Al Quran Important

Just Read Not Enough, Al Quran Important

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Vemale.com – Nothing today has reached the 19th day of Ramadan. Make a fasting, continue the spirit in fasting and more active doing a variety of good huh? Let's increase our devotion to the Khaliq.

Regarding the practice in the month of Ramadan, the most recommended practice to do is to increase tahajud or night prayer, increase alms and reproduce recitations or recite the Qur'an. This practice not only makes us closer to the creator and bring the reward, this also can make us become a more patient personality, roomy chest, honest and so forth.

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Regarding reading al-quran, the Muslim holy book is not just to be read. But, the Qur'an is revealed by Allah to be practiced and made a guide for those who believe and put their trust in it. Some salaf say that al-quran is revealed to be practiced. Eat from it, read al-quran, maknai deeply and amalkan what is written and taught in it.

"And the Quran is the Book We sent down which is blessed, so follow him and fear that you may be granted, (Al-Anaam: 155).

The scholars expressed that compared to reading al-quran as much as possible but never interpreting the content of its contents and practice it, read a little verse but interpreted deeply and this routine is better also a blessing. Many read al-quran and speak as if the best human but never practice the contents of al-quran, this is much more dangerous and horrible and losers.

Rasulullah SAW said, "Going out a people from my people, they read the Quran, your reading compared to their reading is really nothing, so your prayers and fasting compared to their prayers and fasting is nothing.They read Al- Quran and think of it as their advocate, when it is a hujjah that destroys their reason, their prayers do not reach the throat, they are separated from Islam as the arrow darts from its bow. (Abu Dawud, Bukhari & Muslim)

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"They are good at saying but ugly in doing, inviting to practice the Book of Allah when they do not run it one bit," (Al-Hakim).

Realized or not, some people are able to read al-quran fluently and tartil. But unfortunately, they forget that his ability can bring disaster to him. They become arrogant, arrogant, feel most able, feel the most holy and beloved of God. In the meantime, they never practice what they read. They also never interpret the contents of what he read. These are the wretched people.

Hopefully, we do not belong to the category of the people who hurt ya Ladies. In addition to reading the Qur'an, it is very important to always interpret the content and practice it.(vem / mim)

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