Kabareskrim Reveals Reason for Termination of Case 15 Related Fires of Forest Fires

Kabareskrim Reveals ReasonJAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Police Gen. Ari Dono Sukmanto said, termination of the investigation of 15 companies related to forest fires conducted because the company was not proven to violate the law.

One of them, when the fire occurred, apparently the company's business license is up.

"So not a corporation that must be responsible to the company, because the business license is up," said Ari at the Police Headquarters complex, Jakarta, Thursday (25/08/2016).

Ari said the 15 companies were not immediately stopped simultaneously and the decision was taken in a hurry.

According to Ari, the investigation was done three months earlier.

After examination of a number of witnesses and evidence, the corporation was not behind the forest fires in the area of ??his company.

"If it has exhausted its business license there, it becomes state forest again, free land again," said Ari.

In addition to business permits, Ari said, there are also cases of forest fires that occurred in the land dispute.

"It turned out that the area is a disputed land, so it does not belong to the company so the company does not have to be responsible," he said.

Therefore, in addition to investigating the corporation, the police also investigate the involvement of individuals as forest fires.

For this year, police in Riau set 85 people as suspect cases of forest fires. As for the territory of Indonesia, as many as 454 people are designated as a suspect.Ari said, the factors causing the rise of forest fires due to the lack of public knowledge to open the land.

Most of them still use cheap traditional ways to clear land, by burning them, without knowing the legal risks.

"This should be done by all of us guidance, preventive activities with socialization, distribution of pamphlets, banners, ranging from police, military, Ministry of Environment, socialization prevention," said Ari.

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