Kala Iriana Shopping ‘Jokowi Crackers’ and ‘In-Prospective Plants’

Kala Iriana ShoppingLiputan6.com, Solo – First Lady Iriana Jokowi used her second day in her hometown by shopping at Pasar Nangka, Solo, Central Java. He also took time to buy plants for the preparation of the wedding of his eldest son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka with Solo Princess 2009 Selvi Ananda.

Accompanied by his daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, Iriana arrived at the market without escort voorijder car. There are only 2 cars accompanying them. Namely the white Nissan Juke mounted both. Then 1 Toyata Innova boarded by officers Paspampres.

The arrival of Iriana and Kahiyang there successfully surprised the traders who sell in the market. After getting out of the car, Iriana and Kahiyang head straight to a stall owned by Mrs. Parni to buy a diverse range of kitchen needs.

Among vegetable crackers, crackers rambak, chicken eggs, cooking oil, and wheat flour.

"This is shopping for the market to buy red crackers, oil and eggs," said Iriana, who is wearing red batik clothes with a parang motif at the location, Central Java, Tuesday (14/5). / 2015).

After enough shopping, Iriana and Kahiyang then immediately spend money to pay for the groceries. "This is spent Rp 225 thousand," he said.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Parni kiosk admits if Jokowi's family often shop to his stall. In fact, Kahiyang Ayu also diligently dropped in there to buy various kitchen needs.

"The child is very often shopping here Yes shopping for everyday needs," said Parni.

Plants for Prospective Mantu

After shopping, Iriana and Kahiyang continue to the north of Market Jackfruit. The market is the center of sales of various ornamental plants and flowers. It was there that Iriana bought a plant to prepare for the presence of her future mantawai into the family.

After getting out of the car, Iriana directly into the house of the plant seller Mr. Sadimin. After about 10 minutes, they finish choosing the ornamental plants that will be purchased."This is for tumbas (buy) plants for decoration at home, I want to mantu so let look clean house," pungkas Iriana. (Ndy / Mut)

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