Kalijodo Ready to Become Garden of 4 Hectares

Kalijodo Ready to Become Garden of 4 HectaresJAKARTA, KOMPAS Kalijodo ready to be arranged and built into green open space.

However, on the sidelines of preparations prior to ordering hundreds of illegal buildings in the area, fires hit two houses on Jalan Kepanduan II on the border of North Jakarta and West Jakarta.

Found in Kalijodo, the officer of West Jakarta Fire Brigade, Sastro, Sunday (28/2/2016) night, said at 8:45 pm fire appeared at the resident's house, Sidik (38), in Kalijodo localization area.

The fire was allegedly caused by a pile of wood near the house measuring 5 meters x 7 meters in RT 005 RW 005, Slaughter, North Jakarta, it was burned by strangers.

"The fire could be extinguished after 14 fire trucks were deployed, at 21.30, the fire was cleared, two houses were sold out, without any casualties," Sastro said.

Until it will be demolished, last night, around 5,000 personnel, police, Satpol PP, and members of the TNI, alerted in Kalijodo.

After leveling, on the land will be built park area of ??4 hectares that will be completed in four months.

"The cost is around Rp 20 billion, funded by CSR (corporate social responsibility), a number of companies have offered this CSR funds to us, so the financing is over, we hope that within four months after the land is released from the building, , "said Deputy Governor of Spatial Planning and Environment Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa when met at his office on Friday.

He was accompanied by Head of Parks and Cemetery Ratna Diah Kurniati, a number of landscape architects, Head of Spatial Planning Iswan Achmadi, Assistant Deputy of Environment Riana Faiza, and Assistant Deputy of Spatial Planning Abdul Chair.

Ratna added that 3.5 hectares of the four hectares of the area are located in North Jakarta area, while the other 0.5 hectares are located in the area of ??West Jakarta.

The park will be equipped with a number of public facilities (see picture). "The park will be built with various contours of land for sports activities, play, art, as well as meeting point places for various parades and other socio-cultural activities," said Ratna.The park will be built in three stages. The first stage, making various contours of land and greening.

The second phase, the development of green open space as a whole, including infrastructure development and lighting lamps and garden decorators.

The third stage is building an environmentally conscious community that is able to live various activities in the park.

Oswar added, Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama wants a little room for street vendors in the park. "The important thing is arranged, limited, and controlled," Oswar said.

Turn history on

Observer of the Old Town Candrian Attahiyat, historian of Jakarta Mona Lohanda, Yapi Tambayong culturalist aka Remy Sylado, and urban observer Nirwono Yoga welcomed the construction of the park in Kalijodo.

They hope that the presence of the park in Kalijodo is not only linked to the function of the city's water and lung absorption areas, but must also be linked to aspects of education, culture, and history.

Mona proposed that the park in Kalijodo could be an extension of the Old Town's built area. The reason, Kalijodo area became the end of the history of immigrants and a number of tribes in the archipelago in building Batavia.

"There is a spirit of tolerance and mutual cooperation among the various immigrants and ethnicities that flourish from the Banten-Tangerang-Kalijodo-Tubagus Angke-Toko Tiga-Glodok-to Kalibesar in the Old Town," Mona said.

Candrian argues that in order to revive Jakarta's vibrant history of diversity, the city government needs to encourage various cultural activities held in the park and encourage the widening of caring communities.

"Concerned about the physical, social, cultural, and historical environment of Jakarta," Candrian said.According Nirwono, the construction of parks in Kalijodo as part of flood prevention efforts related to the extension of water catchment areas and dredging times should remain the main target.

"The development of the park at the edge of Kalijodo is part of the development of green open space on the banks of four rivers, namely Ciliwung River, Pesanggrahan, Angke, and Sunter," said Nirwono.

According Nirwono, in Jakarta there are still some parks that barely have a social function, let alone education and culture. This happens because the development of the park is not accompanied by a plan for the construction of a safe road for residents who want to park. "If people have difficulty getting access to the park, let alone want to develop the community in the park," said Nirwono.

He agreed if the presence of the park in Kalijodo be used as an excuse to redesign the Old City development.

People living around the park in Kalijodo, Nirwono said, could be a capital to revive the Old City with a variety of activities, festivals, and parades.

"If you expect the community to grow around Fatahillah Park, Kota Tua, it is definitely difficult because there is no settlement area around Taman Fatahillah," said Nirwono.

Meanwhile, Remy hopes, Jakarta Provincial Government dare to restore the atmosphere of Kalijodo at least in the mid-19th century. At that time, Kalijodo was still colored back and forth in the mudik (boat) lagoon.

"Just adjust the atmosphere of the boats in Kalijodo with the current condition, the most important thing is life and joy on the surface of Kalijodo water," Remy said.

Request pending

In response to today's eviction plan, Tigor Hutapea from the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute stated that the forced evictions carried out by the Jakarta Provincial Government in Kalijodo violate human rights.

To that end, LBH Jakarta asked the Jakarta Provincial Government to postpone the curbing carried out today. According to Tigor, there are still 53 Kalijodo families that will survive during the evictions.In Kalijodo, Polda Metro Jaya Police spokesman Chief Commissioner Mohammad Iqbal said yesterday that Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Tito Karnavian will go to the field to check the team's readyness.

"Based on intelligence and field monitoring information, until now there is no potential conflict due to the demolition, but we are still wary of the potential conflict," he said.

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