Kalteng Tuduh Dephut Hampers Revised Plan of Central Kalimantan RTRWP

Kalteng Tuduh DephutThe Central Kalimantan Provincial Government accused the Ministry of Forestry of impeding the revision program for the completion of the Central Kalimantan Provincial Spatial Plan (RTRWP) by stalling its deliberations at the central level.

"We have submitted a draft of the RTRWP to be discussed at the central level to the Ministry of Forestry since March 2007, but until now there has been no certainty of the timing of the discussion," said Head of the Central Kalimantan Regional Development Planning Agency, Syahrin Daulay, in Palangka Raya, Saturday.

According to Syahrin, the draft revised RTRWP on the amendment of Regional Regulation No. 8 of 2003 on Central Kalimantan RTRWP has been discussed at the regional level and resumes discussion at the central level before it is decided to become a Regional Regulation.

He confessed that the Regional Coordinating Board Coordinating Board (BKPRD) of Central Kalimantan Province has been ready since last March to conduct discussion at Department level, but until now the center does not also take the time.

"Forced by the Governor to write again the Minister of Forestry and ask for the rescheduled discussion on 27 June, which we urge to be realized," said Syahrin confirms the discussion of Central Kalimantan RTRWP entering the main priorities of the current local provincial government.

He described that the revision of the RTRWP is very necessary, especially considering the many changes of space and territoriality that occurred in recent years, including to accommodate the space needs of the district of burning.

In the Regional Regulation RTRWP No.8 / 2003, eight districts in Central Kalimantan have not been accommodated because they are still in the sub-district or bupati's auxiliary, while the current condition has become the definitive district with its own capital.

"In the past, they (kabupaten) are still one with the main districts, which are included in the revision of Central Kalimantan RTRWP, if not immediately determined we are also wrong to run the development program based on the old layout," he explained.

In the revision of Central Kalimantan RTRWP proposed by Raperda RTRWP of Central Kalimantan and as a refinement of Regional Regulation RTRWP No8 Year 2003, recorded area of ??protected area of ??2,291 million hectares of total area of ??Central Kalimantan which reached 15.3 million hectares.

While the cultivated area is mentioned 12,951 million hectares, consisting of 6.435 million hectares of forestry and 6.515 million hectares of non-forestry cultivation.

Reserves for the development of urban and rural settlements are directed to settlements and other uses (KPPL) of 3.387 million hectares, provision of infrastructure development and public spaces including KPPLs of 10% or 338,742 hectares.The reserves of education and research forest areas (HPPs) are based on district / city proposals covering 59,009 hectares, and industrial timber estates covering an area of ??152,667 hectares.

Earlier, Vice Chairman of Commission B of Central Kalimantan Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) of Asera briefed the assessment that the plan to supervise the forest and non-forest areas within the Central Kalimantan RTRWP with the Forest Land Use Plan (TGHK) will not be achieved.

"When viewed more observantly, especially learn from past experience, the plan between the spatial coordination and TGHK was never harmonious or achieved," he explained.

This is because the region's need for development space, whether it is land for gardens and so on, is hampered by the central government's desire, in this case the Ministry of Forestry, which requires 60-70% of Central Kalimantan's forest area should not be disturbed, "he added. )

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