Kampung Jambangan Surabaya Be a Tourism Attraction!

Kampung Jambangan Surabaya Be a Tourism Attraction! [/ caption]

There is a village in Surabaya that is famous to foreign countries because the character and its citizens managed to create a healthy environment, clean and comfortable. The village called Jambangan is now a tourist destination. Kampung Wisata Jambangan is located in Jambangan Village, Kecamatan karah – Surabaya.

Entering the tourist village of Jambangan you will be faced with a clean and beautiful atmosphere. The air around feels fresh because of the green plants in this village. Every house on the front page there are pots of ornamental plants. Looks green, healthy and Various types of large trees, shrubs and even a variety of ornamental plants in pots neatly in front of the house and decorate every alley in the area of ??Kampung Jambangan.

People and villagers for decades with full awareness manage their household garbage. In every RT are placed garbage depots. The garbage picks up the garbage and groups it into a reservoir. There is a tub that contains dry waste. The other tub contains wet trash. Dry waste in the form of cardboard or plastic to be sent to the garbage bank.

Like other commercial banks. Every citizen who sends dry waste will be recorded by an officer, how many kilograms of garbage deposited to the garbage bank. Dry garbage trucks for a certain period of time will go to the garbage bank and take it to the collecting place to be weighed. From dry waste sold to collectors, residents (customers of junk bank) will receive a certain amount of rupiah. Then the bank officer distributes this profit to every junk bank customer who needs it.

Wet garbage in the form of kitchen scraps and vegetables subsequently composted (composting) by placing it into plastic drums (composter). Composite drums of blue plastic are placed in every alley in Kampung Wisata Jambangan neighborhood. Composter is made in such a way with a good aeration system and allows for the development of microbial waste decomposers.

A composting activist further explained to us that before being composted, the ingredients are chopped first into smaller pieces. This is to facilitate microbial activity (decomposer) in decomposing the compost material. By flipping the compost material regularly every 2-3 days and inserting starter (compost seed) inside it already contain EM 4 (Effective microorganism) then for 2-3 months already can be got the mature (compost) ready to be used as an organic fertilizer plant.

Villagers are putting compost into polybag (plastic bag) as an organic fertilizer for mixed vegetable or planting medium. They grow vegetables or ornamental plants in pots or polybags because constrained by the lack of land. With creativity and high spirits they are able to conjure up the narrow alleys into an area full of ornamental plants so that the neighborhood is clean, healthy and beautiful.

The invitation or slogan to the villagers about the importance of using water resources wisely is also the main program related to environmental management of this area. Kampung Wisata Jambangan also plays an active role in participating intellectual life of the nation, this is evidenced by the establishment of a reading park (library) for local residents.

For free residents can enjoy this park service. There is a large collection of literature that can be utilized by citizens, including popular scientific journals that are closely related to environmental management. There is one souvenir we get from this destination trip, namely: inspiration on how important to create a place to live with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere where the latter are rarely noticed.

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