Kampung Klim

Kampung KlimClimate change is one of them caused by global warming increasingly felt its impact. The most striking is the unpredictable rainy and dry seasons, even during 2010 most of Indonesia experienced rainy season throughout the year which resulted in many floods that bring loss of both life and material. In addition, the threat of food and water shortage due to crop failure and damage to water sources. Excess from food and clean water shortage is the deterioration of public health quality especially in terms of nutritional status and environmental-based diseases. Based on this, it is necessary to review many major issues such as poverty alleviation, community empowerment, spatial planning, food security, disease control, urban planning in the perspective of climate change.

One of the mitigation and adaptation techniques of climate change is preparing the region to take the best step in an effort to minimize the impact of climate change known as climate village program. This program was initiated by the Ministry of Environment since 2010, but in the level of implementation in the area apparently less so get the expected acceptance. This is understandable considering the problem of climate change does seem just busy discussed at the level of international conferences or just a policy at the level of the Ministry.

The initial idea of ??the concept of a kampong kampong is where a kampung (there is no determination of territorial boundary whether it is merely village or sub-district), the community is critical in all technical and non-technical actions, contributing directly or indirectly to the reduction of global warming as one one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Some of the benefits of this program are to build emission reduction movement starting from the village. With this program is expected targets set by President SBY to reduce national emissions by 26% in 2020 can be realized. In addition, to optimally utilize natural resources as an energy source that is economically and sustainable, such as the utilization of waste that has been disposed to be a source of energy

Basically, the effort to create a climate village is not too complicated, which becomes the main key remains the awareness of the citizens concerned about the importance of doing something as a contribution to the preservation of natural resources. Certainly the initiation of the government to give more attention to the efforts to overcome the impact of climate change will not be able to run well without any support from the community.

The community can form small groups of groups that are coordinated by the Kelurahan. This group can programmatically conduct mitigation and adaptation activities for climate change. Climate mitigation or mitigation activities that can be done include household waste reduction to reduce CHO exposure as a greenhouse gas-causing gas generated by waste, a reduction in the use of plastics that mostly waste treatment by burning so as to expose dioxins. While the adaptation activities carried out include the manufacture of absorption wells, making the hole biopori infiltration (both aims to expand water availability reserves). In addition, the utilization of alternative energy from waste such as biogas which is an effective step of energy saving. These activities can certainly be done independently or by stimulation from the government.

One area that is trying to respond to the climate kampung program is Blitar City which on April 1, yesterday launched a climate village for the village scale precisely in Kelurahan Pakunden Blitar City. Pakunden is a typical village that is quite potential to cope with the impact of climate change due to the potential of springs in the area, also the center of the tofu industry as well as some cattle farms that are enough to contribute to the economy of the people. Pakunden village is also very familiar with sanitation program because this area is the priority of handling sanitation problem based on Blitar City Sanitation Strategy. May the initiation of Blitar city government by launching this climate village become the initial foundation in development framework that able to answer the challenge of climate change.

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