Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan Malang Have a Competition from Balikpapan

Kampung Warna-Warni JodipanLiputan6.com, Balikpapan – Siti Aminah sits on a wooden couch on her stage house. Every now and then, he smiles pleasantly into everyone entering the Thousand Village of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

"Yes, mas, is relaxing with neighbor ya," said while visiting his neighbor who stood beside the village gate of Manggar Village fishermen, Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

This middle-aged woman is accustomed to passing by people who are curious about the existence of Teluk Seribu Balikpapan. The area that was once slum, now transformed into tourist destinations Balikpapan fishing village. Siti Aminah occasionally greets familiar, but no less just tossing a smile.

"Since the inauguration of the mayor of Balikpapan, the village is crowded now," he said.

Mayor of Balikpapan Rizal Effendy inaugurated the colorful village of Teluk Seribu as the native tourism destination of Borneo. Travelers are invited along the Manggar River as well as treats dense mangrove forest, primates bekantan and crocodile estuary that reaches five meters long.

"Our efforts are done gradually so that Teluk Seribu deserves to be a new tourist location in Balikpapan," said the Mayor.

It is not easy to turn a slum into something meaningful. Stage fisherman's house was painted in color to give cheerful Seribu Bay.

"We conduct painting efforts with community self-help, inspired by the colorful village in Jodipan Malang," Rizal said.

Painting 235 units of Thousand Bay houses spent five thousand liters of paint dominated by striking colors. The picking is done as interesting as possible to change the image of a village that used to be more beautiful.

Balikpapan City Government seeks to encourage positive change of Teluk Seribu. Nevertheless, Rizal believes the key lies in changing the mindset of the fishermen community itself.

According to Rizal, Thousand Bay residents should be able to inspire other fishing villages to maintain environmental cleanliness. "People's mindset here should also change so as not to throw garbage in rivers, because the river here can be a promising tourism object in Balikpapan," he said.Head of Sport and Tourism Office of Balikpapan, Oemy Facessly, said the painting of Teluk Seribu village involves hundreds of volunteers who have graffiti skills. Since last November, the artists polished the 50-meter barrier wall with a meaningful mural painting.

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