Kapolri Forest fire in Riau 90 percent burned

Kapolri Forest fire in Riau 90 percent burnedForest fires in Riau that leave smoke haze extend to some areas until now still being investigated by the police. From the investigation result, police get 66 people and one suspect PT. NSP suspected of being a burning agent.

"We have arrested 66 perpetrators and 1 from the corporation, PT NSP, we are developing," said Police Chief General Sutarman at NTMC Polri, South Jakarta, Friday (21/3).

Sutarman said, one of 66 arrested is a person who gives instructions (ordered) to do the burning.

"It is not only the people, but also the people who ordered (burning), from certain areas, to enter the area, not to build houses but to build kampongs, there are musala, there will be 2 hectares, 2 hectares," he explained.

Sutarman did not deny, there is one article about the environment that legalize a person to burn the forest, but this is actually exploited by irresponsible person.

"There is one article we are article 69 paragraph 2 of Law No. 32 of 2009 on the environment," he said.

"In the article it is explained that local wisdom of local people, in clearing land can burn 2 hectares to meet local varieties," he added.

However, in the article is also written if someone wants to do the burning of the forest should be given a barrier or bulkhead so as not to spread to the trees next to it.

"There is a provision there by making a barrier so that the bulkhead does not spread to other places," he said.

On behalf of this article, the perpetrators do forest burning.

"But the mode is used by them, a certain group of one person two hectares, two hectares, two hectares, so tens of hectares, hundreds of hectares.This is the modus operandi that happened, so I say fires there 90 percent burned.Because there is also this article , "added the four-star general. [did]

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