Karhutla’s Mystical Mistis Story When Disturbed Forest Watcher

Karhutla's Mystical MistisLiputan6.com, Palembang – Forest and land fires (karhutla) that occurred in 2015 and left a variety of stories experienced by firefighters in the Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), South Sumatra (South Sumatra).

In addition to their fight to extinguish the fire that devoured the forest and the land, the firefighters also often get disturbance from the ghostly creatures of the forest.

Rohadi, 45, firefighter of Sinarmas' Asian Pulp and Paper company (APP), said that while he and other officers extinguished fires in the Baung River Village area, the flames continued to burn. Yet there is no more burning, because everything has become ash.

Nothing else remained, the wood was ashes but the fire had not been extinguished either. Kamiterus extinguished the fire until exhausted, he told [Liputan6.com] (http://regional.liputan6.com/ ""), Sunday (3/12/2017).

They also felt something odd, until Rohadi felt the hairs on his neck stood up. Finally they stop the blackout and pray together to make it easier to continue the work.

After we prayed, the new fire was easily extinguished, he said.

In addition, anomalies also occur when they will use a water pump machine to extinguish the blaze. When taken to the location, the water pump machine was suddenly damaged and unusable.

Until finally they replace the machine with other machines. However, when reused, the new machine also can not be used. They felt something strange at the time.

Though the machine is heavy, we have to go back and forth from the logistics to the field. When tried in the logistics room, everything can work well, he said.

The mystical story is also experienced by the Nursaryat (40). This man from Yogyakarta has long been a fireman in the same company, but only this time he found something strange in the forest.

Upon entering karhutla area at Simpang Jaribi Kanal 19, Jelutung River District, OKI Regency of South Sumatra, one of his friends suddenly experienced trance. Then, in the middle of the forest they find an old tomb.My friend gets to operate heavy equipment, it turns out the heavy equipment is about grave tombs to be damaged, he said.

While possessed, his companions messed up strange things. One of them is to re-install the grave of the sacred tomb that has been destroyed. Eventually the teams did what their colleague told them to do.

Only this time we found a grave in the middle of the forest, I am also confused, said Nur.

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