Karyn The Wonder Boy Champion Stand Up Comedy (A Prediction)

Karyn The WonderThis Sunday night the crew will not go anywhere. Stay at home watching the final of Stand Up Comedy Academy 3. Karyn's expectation The prodigy daughter of Medan will outrank 2 rival Yemen and Bintang. How about you ?. Incidentally the city of Jakarta where the crew live bermimis drizzle be accompanied by a glass of coffee and a pinch of sweet potato crew enjoy the spectacle is guaranteed very entertaining.

This prediction is not a tone but based on long observations by watching SUCA 3 since the preliminary round. Karyn a 10-year-old boy has the talent to be given the title of a prodigy. Because the children who just sit in the 6th grade of elementary school is indeed able to shake the stomach of the audience.

As reported in Liputannews: Yewen (Papua) and Karyn (Medan), two Mosiner whizs, must compete with Emon Star (Jakarta) from David Nurbianto's team in Grand Final Stand Up Comedy Academy 3 (SUCA 3) Indosiar. Just one step further to the championship ladder, making the three surviving rivalries last fierce. Of course no one wants to fail, but the Grand Final is only available one first winner.

Viewers, pay attention to how festive the audience's laughter and also the viewers have never broken up since Karyn performed on stage until the end. Mos Sidik foster children are remarkable, at a very young age able to attract the attention of both the commentator and the jury or audiences stand up comedy fans.

Each perform Karyn always start with pantun. Pantun delivered always the same every appearance with a form of Malay expression

Boat boards over cloud

Above the makasar city cloud

Ladies and gentlemen

Applause for the big 3

After chanting Karyn convey about her figure with a minimalist eye and economical nose. The reason is Karyn fathered Chinese descent and mother origin Aceh. Karyn is annoyed also in bully schoolmates as china leleng and so on. Anyway this child is indeed magical, appear confident on the stage of joking and joking without a hint of doubt let alone fear. Yes Karyn Putri Lestari has a champion mentality

That is Karyn who fill the social media of the end of this as a celebrity now able to refresh the atmosphere of entertainment in Indonesia. The thick condensation of Medan is a characteristic of Karyn so it deserves him to be entitled First Winner of Stand Up Comedy Academy 3.Salamsalaman


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