Keep Always Hygiene Kitchen, If You Do not Want 5 This Place So Sarang Germ

Keep Always – Kitchen is one room in the house that must always be used every day. But you know, when the kitchen is used every day, there are many foods contained in the kitchen while cleanliness is not awake, the kitchen can be a creepy place and can be a hotbed of germs, bacteria and various viruses.

Quoted from various sources and also, it turns out there are some places that often become a den of germs. In fact, when these places look clean and invisible there is a germ there. So, what are the usual places to be a nest of germs? Here's the review.

Trash can

Yep, we all certainly know that the dumpster is one of the preferred places of germs and bacteria. A trash can is a place to throw away food scraps or food wrappers. If the trash is not cleaned regularly every day, it can make germs and bacteria grow and grow better.

Refrigerator / Fridge

Some studies say if the low temperature of the refrigerator can keep food away from bacteria and make it durable. But you know, bacteria and germs can still grow in the refrigerator. The various gaps in the refrigerator can be the best place for germs and bacteria to thrive. So, be sure to clean the refrigerator for at least 1 or 2 weeks.

Cleaning Sponge

Not many people are aware if the sponge becomes the best place and the most favored place germs and bacteria to thrive. Due to this lack of awareness, not many people are always trying to keep the sponge clean. In order for the sponge not to be the best place for the development of germs, try to separate which sponge to clean food, which sponge to clean the kitchen utensils and where the sponge to clean the sink or kitchen wall.

Spatula / Centong

Both of these kitchen appliances are places that often make germs and bacteria thrive. Simply cleaned spatula / talong handles will make germs and bacteria more happy to be there. If it were so, the germ could easily spread to the food in your kitchen.

Cutting boardCutting board is one of the kitchen appliances that must exist in the kitchen. Certainly, almost everyone has a cutting board in his house. And the cutting board is one of the places that often causes germs to flourish. Moreover, if the cutting board is rarely cleaned. If you want to get a healthy cutting board and not be a breeding germ, try to separate where the cutting board is to cut vegetables or fruit and where the cutting boards to cut the meat.

Ladies, those are some places that often become a hotbed of germs. In order for your kitchen is always clean and far from germs, be sure to always keep all kitchen appliances clean in your house yes.

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