Keep Health Yes During Rainy Season, With These 5 Tips

Keep Health Yes During Rainy Season, With These 5 – The rainy season is here. You who like the rain must love it, because in addition to the air temperature so much lower, the air is also more fresh and plants also grow better. But it also needs attention Ladies, because it is very vulnerable during the rainy season, the body so often have a cold or fever, especially if you are raining.

Although it is true for some people, the rain some times has no effect on their bodies, but there are also some people who only hit by rain once, immediately collapsed the next day. Well, for this incident does not happen, follow the tips from the following ya Ladies.

Always carry an umbrella or prepare a raincoat

It's important to remember that carrying an umbrella or a raincoat whenever you go. Although the morning sun looks very bright, you will not know the fate of the afternoon weather. It could be that you get stuck in the rain until night because you assume it will not rain that day.

Eat healthy foods

During the rainy season, the temperature gets lower and the body also needs lots of calories to warm the body. In addition, the body also needs a lot of nutrient intake to prevent the disease. Expand eating foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants because it can strengthen the body's immune.

Wash hands with soap

You may have a bad habit of not washing your hands when you want to do anything, and this is what needs to be changed. Hands are a very good place to be a hotbed of viruses and bacteria, you could have the flu because it does not maintain hand hygiene. If you do not have time to wash your hands, take a hand sanitizer anywhere.

Drinking clean water and occasional herbal tea

Drinking plenty of water also helps detox the body from toxins and keeps immunity against the disease. Make sure the water you drink is clean and cooked. In addition, it is good to drink herbal tea to strengthen and warm the body, especially if you run out of rain.

Keep the environment cleanIn addition to refreshing, the rainy season is also prone to disease. If it rains heavily, it will usually carry garbage from various places, and if settled in your yard, it can carry the disease. So, clean the house and neighborhood to prevent nesting disease.

Well, ready for this rainy season, Ladies? Let's stay healthy by applying the above tips yes.

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