Keep Nature with this Simple

Keep Nature with this SimpleThe charm of the beautiful nature always brings a deep impression on every heart of his explorer. The enthusiasm of mountaineers who have either been crossed or new learn to set foot, as if never subsided. Hidden paradises now no longer shyly reveal the radiant beauty of the body.

Complete features owned by most explorers undeniably support the appearance of the beauty. Not to be outdone by nature tourism that has been popularized, which is always flooded with travelers when the holiday season arrives. Now the hidden natural beauty is no longer fully hide. Currently they share the charm by exposing themselves to the world through social networking sites.

Mountains, beaches, lakes, caves, historical sites and so forth they are made in the run by the seekers of pleasure, who are tired in the routine. No doubt nature has always promised a million benefits for the sick, a million inspiration for poets, a million tranquility for those who are tired, and a million gratitude for every human being, because that's where they feel the greatness of God.

Looking for heaven is certainly not a matter as easy as turning your palms. Pidi baiq (writer) once wrote in one tweetnya: Even to go to heaven we must die first.

If you can analogy this in the search for a small paradise that is still embarrassed to show itself, it is not excessive if the explorers have to struggle first before they get to where they are. The weight of the carrier load on the back, the difficulty of the field trip, not to mention having to give up contact with loved ones because of the loss of communication signal, as if paid off by the appearance of the perfection of God's creation.

Nature pays your weariness through the charm and resources they have. Like a friend who always understands what you need, maybe not mistakenly call it friendship. Friendship is naturally intertwined because it is tied directly by the owner both. Friends sent directly by God has a stretch of hands as wide as the ocean, which is ready to embrace the visitors.

The companion had shoulders as wide as the ridges that seemed to be ready for the complaints of his seekers. Evidenced by the time that nature is a friend who never break a promise. Kodrat he created them to always serve humankind in sincerely caring. The form of the ministry of nature to man is not only with its resources which is a means for man, but also the endless memories of happiness to be told when touched him.

Conversely As the most perfect creature of God what have you given to nature itself? Nature never asks for a reward for what they give. Man should only give thanks to God who created this world.

How is the form of gratitude itself? Of course by keeping this nature as well as possible. Although it can not be beat flat, it is common knowledge that most humans themselves are causing damage to nature.

Trash left on the mountains and on the beach, bomb fishing, or deforestation causing drought everywhere we have heard so much, may make our ears accustomed. It could be that it inspired Erick Weiner to make quote quoted again by Afifah Afra (Author) in his Facebook post

When the Last Tree is felled, when the last river is emptied, when the last fish is captured, then man will realize that he can not eat moneyHumans who have the highest mind than other living beings are required to be wise in processing and enjoying the richness of nature Not for anyone but for ourselves. So that our inheritance will not only be stories and pictures. For the tradition to explore hidden paradise can be passed on by our children and grandchildren. Until more and more new friends are discovered and introduced to all corners of the world. And also for the beauty of sunset we can still be grateful together.

Already many stories of natural conservation fighters succeed in carrying out its mission. It was Mbah Sadiman who took 19 years to make his environment green and not drought anymore. Wonogiri's greening hero continued to plant banyan trees as a water-binding tree when he realized that villagers and livestock were experiencing water shortages and dry farmland.

It is not a short and easy thing, of course, because He alone has to intervene in planting and caring for the trees. Now the fruit of his struggle is not only enjoyed by himself but more than one village enjoys an abundance of clean water, no more drought threat if drought arrives. That is only by one person, what if half of the people in the world also make an effort like that done by Mbah Sadiman? It must be a big benefit, right?

Maybe we can not be like Mbah Sadiman, but the moment of 22 April is celebrated as Earth Day. It can be our first step to participate in preserving nature, keeping our friends, keeping our fellow God's creation.

Many ways to keep nature. Although simple but well-known quote from Baltimore Grotto and already very familiar among the penjejajah especially cave of cave

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time can be used as a reference how to keep nature in a very simple way and everyone can do it. Let the footprints be left behind, and let the current waves remove them.

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