Keep the balance of the environment, let’s do these 4 steps

Keep the balance of the environment, let's do these 4 stepsEvery day humans inhale, and certainly require oxygen. Oxygen is available in clean air. But do you know, where does oxygen come from? The largest oxygen producer on earth is plants. But unfortunately, from time to time many trees are beginning to fall, many forests are getting narrower, and many of them occur because of human activities. Then what can be done to overcome it?

This time, let's discuss 4 ways to conserve biodiversity. Check out the explanation below.

a. Greening

Greening is done by planting various types of plants in various places that have been planned. Greening can be done in front of your house, in the streets, forests that are starting to bare due to illegal logging, and so on.

b. The making of the city

This one step will make the air in your city more fresh. With the city park, the oxygen content will increase, the pollution of motor vehicles can be neutralized, and many other benefits.

c. Breeding

Breeding is the effort to make superior varieties, but that does not mean eliminating non-superior varieties. Breeding can be done with cross-breeding that will produce new variants. So, the diversity of genes and species diversity will increase as well.

d. Breeding of Insitu and Exsitu

Endangered rare animals and plants can be saved by initually breeding, ie breeding within their natural habitat. For example, establishing Ujung Kulon Nature Reserve and Komodo National Park. The breeding of exsitu is breeding outside of the original habitat, but the atmosphere is made similar to the original, for example, animal breeding in the zoo.

Well, that's 4 ways to preserve biodiversity that can be done easily. You want it, come to preserve the environment? [iwe]

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