KEIN Asks Government to Develop Thorium As New Energy

KEIN Asks Government to Develop Thorium As New, Jakarta – The National Economic and Industrial Committee (KEIN) has urged the government to develop thorium as a new energy replacement power source. Electricity crisis becomes a domestic energy problem that still happens today and the government is considered to need to find another alternative.

KEIN member Zulnahar Usman said he continued to encourage the government to develop thorium as an effort to overcome the electricity crisis in Indonesia.

As new energy, thorium has a number of advantages over electricity. Such advantages, which are cheaper, easy and many found raw materials and reactors that can be made the best son of Indonesia.

According to him, if thorium be developed, it can be a cheap energy because the price is only about US $ 6 cents per kwh.

"If the target of this thorium is 20 thousand mw per year, then in five years we can have energy up to 100 thousand mw, therefore we are pushing it further, because this can be an alternative to cheap energy," he said when talking to, Friday (6/24/2016).

Therefore, the development of Thorium Power Plant (PLTT) is expected to be done by the government. Later this program can be strengthened through Presidential Decree (Keppres).

Industry Minister Saleh Husin previously said that thorium power plants are more efficient than coal and uranium though. Calculations, to produce 1,000 megawatts (MW) or 1 gigawatt per year required coal of 3.5 million-4 million tons. As for the uranium at least of 200 tons-250 tons. However thorium, can be more efficient again.

Thorium is often referred to as a green nuclear. Based on the National Energy Board website, Thorium is a nuclear fuel that is superior to uranium in almost all aspects. (Ekarina / nrm)

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