KEK Mandalika in Lombok Operates, Serap 58 Thousand Workers

KEK Mandalika, Central Lombok – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the operation of the Special Economic Zone (KEK) Mandalika will have a big positive impact for people in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Labor absorption is estimated to reach 58 thousand people.

"The Mandalika KEK project will have an impact on the community, some can sell souvenirs, open food stalls, homestays.We already count, there are recruitment of 58 thousand employees because 8 investment hotel investors around Rp 13 trillion," said Jokowi during the inauguration of KEK Mandalika, Lombok, Friday (20/10/2017).

The value of this investment, recognized Jokowi, can be doubled up to 3 times as the area will grow, thus giving a significant impact to the local community.

There are 5 messages Jokowi for the development and development of KEK Mandalika to the Governor of NTB, Regent of Central Lombok, and the investors. First, greening the Mandalika KEK. The President asked that the 1,175 hectare (ha) Mandalika KEK will be greened by tree planting. ITDC as the manager of SEZ Mandalika is responsible for the reforestation of the area.

"Ask for a thousand crops, a million, I will send, but be taken care of and not be left behind, do not just plant a million trees, 1 billion trees, but live only 3. Mending nanam 5,000 trees, but living all, so do not bombastic. know that so, do not lie me, I'm a field man, "he explained.

Secondly, Jokowi advised the Mandalika area to be well laid out. Preparing the market for the sale of souvenirs, arranging the slums, so that people enjoy the development of this area.

Third presents the character of a different building with Bali or other areas. Lombok, he said, has the power of good infrastructure so that it can build buildings that show the characteristic of Lombok.

"Do not build a Spanish model house or building, we are not Spanish, Lombok and NTB have good infrastructure strength," Jokowi continued.

Jokowi added, the fourth message to the Minister of Tourism to provide support to the construction of cafes, homestay by residents. Includes toilets that must be designed to follow international standards.

"While this is still the zero point, so it can be conceptualized well.We want this to be a big area that has an impact for NTB," he said.

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