Kemenhut Builds Seed Garden in 8000 Villages

Kemenhut Builds Seed Garden in 8000 VillagesThe Ministry of Forestry will soon build a community nursery (KBR) in 8,000 villages to support the program of planting 1 Billion Indonesian Trees for the World and planting activities for the future.

The Director General for Land Rehabilitation and Social Forestry (RLPS), Kemenhut, Indriastuti, said here on Monday that the KBR will be fully utilized by the communities overseen by the local government.

"KBR will be managed by the people, planted and used again by the people, the local government that oversees," he said.

Added, for now the central budgeted funds of Rp400 billion for the construction of 8,000 nurseries throughout Indonesia.

"We are trying to make KBR simple, easy to not burden the people, Ministry of Forestry make the policy / requirement, supervision and implementation in the region / village related with Rp400 billion fund which means Rp50 million per KBR," said Indri.

He explained, the center has already and set 8000 villages which is the proposed area. "We have set one province, or one district but the village where KBR will be built is a decisive area." It is mapped, 8,000 villages will be spread across 291 districts throughout Indonesia, "he said.

According to him, the existence of KBR is expected to support forest and land rehabilitation programs implemented by the Ministry of Forestry. RHL, he said, will continue to run for 30 million hectares of critical land not yet replanted trees.

He asserted that of the 30 million critical lands, 13 million hectares are in the forest area, and the rest outside the forest area. The RHL program, continued Indri, remains the focus of the Ministry of Forestry reforesting critical land considering that primary forests live only 25% of the total forest area of ??138 million hectares.

"Forest cover in Java alone is not up to 20%, whereas it should reach 30%," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Forestry, proposed an additional Rp675 billion in the 2010 Revised State Budget Revenue and Expenditure (RAPBN-P) Draft.

Previously, according to Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, the funds were actually inadequate considering that there are still many forestry sector jobs that require substantial costs, especially those related to rehabilitation and reforestation."Actually we need Rp2, 5 trillion to rehabilitate at least 30 million hectares of critical land was not enough, but in the House budget agency yesterday our proposal only approved Rp675 billion, hopefully this can be realized," said Menhut Zulkifli.

He added that Rp675 billion was divided into several items allocated for work in two directorates general.

"There is an allocation of Rp500 billion for rehabilitation and reforestation including the preparation of seedlings for the planting of 1 Billion Trees, and there is a fund of Rp100 billion for the handling of forest landfires and disaster relief amounting to Rp75 billion," said Menhut. (ant / bun)

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