Kemenhut Destroy 258 Dead Animals

Kemenhut Destroy 258 Dead, Jakarta: In order to prevent and crack down on the killing or selling of protected wildlife and its parts, the Ministry of Forestry today, Monday (12/11), destroyed 258 dead species (ofset) covering 48 species.

Minister of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, said the destruction of these endangered animals in the framework of curbing wildlife specimens is protected, the cooperation between the Directorate General of PHKA and UPT PHKA through the inventory of the entire collection of specimens, either through public voluntary submission or law enforcement efforts.

"For wildlife specimens protected off (offset) and other parts that are in damaged condition are destroyed, the specimens are 258 pieces or 48 species consisting ofset Sumatran Tiger 15 fruit, Two Bears Honey, Deer Deer 48 pieces, Cendrawasih 22 fruit, and 240 pieces ofset and or other parts and four sacks of bivalves, "he said in his canteen, Jakarta, Monday (12/11).

Zulkifli explained that at this time, 962 pieces of offset from 60 species consisted of 18 Sumatran Tiger Leaves, 14 Sumatran Tiger Leather (2 Dried and 12 Wet), Five Leopards, One Elephant, 165 Elephant Elephants, 28 Cendrawasih , and 891 pieces ofset and its parts including 4 sacks of bivalves (shellfish).

The offset is in good condition, there are 554 fruits (60 species) consisting of 13 whole Sumatran tribes of Sumatran tigers, six pieces of Sumatran Tiger leather, four leathered Sumatran Tiger leather, three Leopard Offsets, one fromset of Javan Rhinoceros, a horn Javan Rhinoceros, three offsets of Java Eagle, 521 other sets of mammals, aves, reptiles, bivalves, and corals.

"Currently has been secured, and stored UPT DG of PHKA which its use will be optimized for study, research, science development, and conservation education according to the law," he said.

Meanwhile, the remaining ofset that can still be utilized as many as 710 fruit or 43 species which will then be submitted to institutions or colleges as research materials with sampling and offset that can still be fixed used for conservation education.

The Institute includes, LIPI 462 pieces (23 species), ITB five (2 species), Center for Research and Development of Forest and Nature Conservation 44 (17 species), IPB 69 fruit (13 species), and Forestry Museum 130 pieces ( 1 species).

In addition to regretting the number of acts of wildlife assassination is protected, Zulkifli also confirmed to law enforcement officers to provide strict sanctions and punishment weighing in accordance with applicable legislation.

According to Zulkifli, during this time many perpetrators who received a mild punishment, six months, seven months and others. Yet this is already firmly mentioned in Law No. 5 of 1990, on the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems, especially related to preservation of plants and animals.

"Article 21 paragraph (2) explains that everyone is prohibited from capturing, injuring, killing, storing, possessing, maintaining, transporting and committing protected animals alive or dead, in whole, skin, body and parts thereof goods made from protected wildlife, even eggs or nests, "he explained.Therefore, in the case of violation of Article 21 Paragraph (2), Zulkifli continued, the perpetrator shall be subject to severe punishment according to Article 40 paragraph (2), whoever intentionally violates the provisions of Article 21 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) then sentenced to imprisonment of 5 years and a maximum fine of Rp 100 million.

"The government will take firm action, especially illegal trade in wildlife field, as per Article 21 paragraph (1) and (2) of Law No. 5 of 1990. Such socialization needs to be together with all parties," he said.

On the occasion, Zulkifli also gave appreciation to law enforcers, NGOs, NGOs, and all parties who helped protect and love protected wildlife. "I'm sure if we are together, there is no longer any people burning forest like yesterday," he said.

"The fuss again whenever there is any mistake in wildlife, again being the mistake of the Minister of Forestry, but again without the role of other parties it will not be achieved," he explained. (FRD)

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