Kemenkes develop a sex enhancer plant in Lawu Lereng

Kemenkes develop aPurwaceng plants will be developed on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Based on research that has been done, a nutritious plant that increases sexual desire can grow well in the area.

Head of the Center for Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicines, Ministry of Health, Indah Yuning Prapti said today people believe and find herbs from plants that are found in the Dieng plateau.

"Nowadays purwaceng has become a protected plant because it is rare.
Public interest to consume is very large, making the type of shrub plants are much sought after by the producers of herbal medicine, "said Indah, in Karanganyar, Saturday (11/10).

To anticipate the scarcity it requires the herbal medicine company that uses purwaceng as a raw material also in order to have their own garden. They, continued Indah, are no longer allowed to search in the forest.

"We feel the need to do research so that the plant can also be developed in other areas," he said.

Indah added, at this time, the existing laboratory has managed to do engineering so that purwaceng in Tawangmangu able to have the same quality with existing plants in Dieng. Climate in Tawangmangu, said Indah is suitable for this plant.

Further Indah said, the development of purwaceng will involve about 140 farmers who have become partners of Indonesian Center for Research and Development of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicines. They will plant purwaceng according to standardized procedures.

"The goal, so that the content of substances in the plant can also be uniform so as to facilitate for dose measurements," he explained.

On the same occasion, Minister of Research and Technology Gusti Muhammad Hatta added the results of research on medicinal plants in large centers that have many are feasible to be developed in bulk.

"Stay in coordination with other ministries, the results of research on medicinal plants can be coordinated with the Ministry of Industry in order to be produced," he explained.

Furthermore, said the Minister of Research and Technology, they also need coordination with the Ministry of Commerce so that the production can be sold in the market. [bal]

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