Kids Zaman Now Nobar G30SPKI

Kids Zaman Now Nobar G30SPKIMovie G30S / PKI will be played again. The old nostalgia, the young impatient. I myself have never experienced the movie's 1984 release. I was born in 2003, and the movie was banned in 1998. Blessings or plagues, I do not know.

The reason, Gatot Nurmantyo as Commander of the TNI has instructed to his ranks to hold nobar Arifin Noer's film is. Not only among the TNI alone, people in various regions to schools are also planning to hold a movie together. Old, young, officials, sub-district officials, porridge workers, pilgrims, to hajj pilgrims will be able to enjoy the movie on the tancep screen of the village or on a "different" TV channel.

In school, this film is playing to educate students about history. It is expected that students can understand that the PKI is cruel and communism is ruthless. That, we must always be alert to the rise of the PKI and can join the state defend by including #GanyangPKI in Instragram or Facebook status caption. The activity was of course good. Schools can provide new entertainment facilities as well as educate. Imagine if students watch the movie themselves on Youtube. Luckily if he has a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, of course it has already quashed the quota. If only a 5-10 minute video might not be ok. Lha Wong, this film duration 4 half hour you know.

Pakdhe Jokowi has also issued a discourse to create a new film. The film is now seen as too old and not suitable for the millennial generation and generation of Z all-round gaulz. It is hoped that the new film will appeal to the younger generation.

Film Accuracy

But, actually still relevant to the movie to be played back in the present? Does not the movie stop showing without reason? Yunus Yosfiah, as Minister of Information in 98 'has expressed the opinion that this film smells of historical engineering and cult of a president. So, is it still relevant if this film is used to educate students about history, while the film is twisting history itself? Is not that a matter of doctrine rather than a mechanism of learning?

For example, about the torture committed by members of Gerwani where the generals disilet, pricked his eyes and even (he said) cut his cock. This was denied by the research of Ben Anderson, a historian and Indonesian expert, in a document entitled, "How Did the Generals Died?" which is based on Visum et Repertum (autopsy journal) made by RSPAD Gatot Subroto. He writes that there is no eye prying, genital cutting, and so on. And that the generals were killed by gunshots. More can be read below:

Nowhere in these reports is there any unmistakable sign of torture, and any trace of razors and penknives is absent. Not only are the gunshot wounds described as the result of heavy, dull traumas, but their physical distribution – ankles, shins, wrists, thighs, temples, and so on — seem generally 113 random. It is particularly striking that the usual targets of torturers, i.e. * the testicles, the anus, the eyes, the fingernails, the ears, and the tongue, are not mentioned. It is said that the victims of the victim died by gunfire (the case of Harjono, who died in his own home, remains puzzling), and that if their bodies suffered other violence, it was the result of clubbing with the butts of the guns that fired the fatal bullets, or, of course, the falling a stone-lined well.

The above statement more or less reads that the six generals met his death through gunfire. In the case of Harjono who was shot in his own home, is still unknown. And that if their bodies suffer other injuries, it is caused by a collision of a gun butt or due to a collision as it falls into the Crocodile Hole.

In addition, there are also many other studies conducted by Ben Anderson of these bloody events. May you also read it in his book entitled, "Coup October 1, 1965: An Early Analysis". Even he bravely expressed his opinion that the PKI was not involved in the Gestapu incident, that this event was caused by conflicts within the armed forces itself.

Watch Together, Not Doctrine TogetherSo, it can be seen that the film that we have now still thick with twisting and propaganda elements. Believe it or not, this film is referred to as "Indonesian propaganda docudrama film" by Wikipedia. May be you can check it yourself.

So, what about the event nobar film G30S / PKI that has been planned by various parties, whether to cancel?

No need. Let kids-kids know what a debatable movie really is. Let them judge for themselves. My advice, after watching the movie, can be continued by watching a movie titled Butcher and Silent Garapan Joshua Oppenheimer. It could also read Peter Dale Scott's thin book entitled "The United States and Sukarno's Overthrow from 1965-1967". Let us occasionally be able to review history from different sides, not just from PPKn's books and rhetorical speeches.

Moreover, it is expected that the remake film that will come not only limited to modernize, but also for historical alteration tool. Which means we need a convention that will re-discuss and agree on a more objective history. We need clearer glasses to see the truth that has long been hidden.

But, I do not know. It seems that the issue of komoenis is going to continue dihembuskan ahead of the election or elections. And the victims of doctrine yes, kids-kids now.

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