Kim Jong-un’s threat to US Nuclear Button Always There at Mejaku …

Kim Jong-un's threatPyongyang – Not the hope that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un delivered in his speech to welcome the 2018 new year, but anger. The threat he relegated to a country considered a mortal enemy: the United States.

In a live televised speech, Kim Jong-un said the US would not be brave enough to save the war drums against North Korea. Because, the young dictator claimed, his country has developed a nuclear capability capable of attacking the land of Uncle Sam's country with one of his ultimate weapons.

"The entire US plane is within the reach of our nuclear weapons," said Kim Jong-un in a speech aimed at his people.

Kim Jong-un also claims that North Korea is a "responsible nuclear power state that loves peace".

"As long as there is no aggression against the people of North Korea, we do not intend to use nuclear power," added Kim Jong-un, while pledging to continue to improve North Korea's nuclear capabilities.

Despite threatening to Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un softened to his near neighbor, South Korea.

He congratulated South Korea for hosting the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, scheduled for February 2018.

"Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is a good opportunity to show unity among nations and we hope the event will go well," Kim Jong-un said.

Kim also said North Korea hopes to send delegates to the sporting event.

The North Korean leader's new year speech is a tightly monitored annual agenda of the outside world. Because, what Kim Jong-un said in the momentum is considered to indicate the direction and priority that will be adopted by his regime for one year ahead.

This year's speech is seen as very important because there is no sign of North Korea's nuclear program will stop. Meanwhile, Pyongyang missile tests carried out intensively throughout 2017.The trial became the focus of a verbal dispute between the North Korean side and US President Donald Trump. The quirky billionaire dubbed Kim Jong-un's "little rocket man".

In addition to nuclear and winter Olympics, Kim Jong-un also showcased North Korea's economic achievements in his speech. He also underscored the importance of improving the nation's living standards.

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